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    Post any weird or odd news here...

    Man cuts off penis in sex protest

    Sat Aug 7, 7:14 PM ET

    RABAT (Reuters) - A 70-year-old Moroccan cut off his penis in protest at his wife's long refusal to have sex with him, hospital sources say.

    The unidentified man severed his organ on Monday in the southern town of Ait Ourir and was taken to a hospital in the nearby city of Marrakesh for treatment.

    "He didn't bring his penis with him. He has left the hospital well, but without his penis," a doctor from the Ibn Toufail hospital told Reuters on Saturday.

    Maybe he can grow another one:

    Man shot dead as bulletproof magic fails

    March 14 2001 at 06:37PM

    Accra - A Ghanaian man was shot dead by a fellow villager while testing a magic spell designed to make him bulletproof, the official Ghana News Agency reported on Wednesday.

    Aleobiga Aberima, 23, and around 15 other men from Lambu village, northeast Ghana, had asked a jujuman, or witchdoctor, to make them invincible to bullets.

    After smearing his body with a concoction of herbs every day for two weeks, Aberima volunteered to be shot to check the spell had worked.

    One of the others fetched a rifle and shot Aberima who died instantly from a single bullet.

    Angry Lambu residents seized the jujuman and beat him severely until a village elder rescued him, the report added.

    Tribal clashes are common in Ghana's far north, where people often resort to witchcraft in the hope of becoming invulnerable to bullets, swords and arrows. - Reuters
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    Kinda old stuff :\

    But still bizzare as ever :D
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    many people claim that certain deaths are suicides, but its usually someone failing to get the bulletproof spell right, its really quite complicated. It doesnt really make you bulletproof, it really just goes some way to controlling the natural trauma which your body goes through, if you can control this properly then you can reduce the effects of being shot. Though being shot in the head still usually has the same effect as most people find it hard to maintain the spell when their brains are splattered across a wall. This is due to the air gap being too great for the neurons to fire electrical signals across.

    ... this is all true, honest ...
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    Schoolboys played football with WWll grenade

    Two schoolboys escaped injury after they were spotted playing football with a WWII grenade.

    The two 14-year-olds, named only as Yuri and Igor, found the grenade in woods near Murmansk, in Russia.

    They knew what it was but thought it was too old to explode so started kicking it around.

    Pavel Kopytov, 22, who was walking through the woods, saw what they were doing and rushed over to stop them, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported.

    He said: "My hair stood on end. I yelled at them, but they didn't stop and I had to just grab it off them.

    "I knew how their game of football would end - explosively. They were lucky."

    The grenade was turned over to local police and destroyed.

    Phone company replies to man 28 years on

    A Romanian man's had a reply from the country's state phone company 28 years after asking them to install a phone.

    Gheorghe Titianu from the northern town of Suceava said he was delighted when he saw the letter.

    However, the letter was simply informing him there was still no phone line available with Romtelecom.

    The company suggested he fill out another form they enclosed with their letter.

    Titianu said: "I'm honoured that the company has not forgotten me after all this time."

    A Romtelecom spokeswoman said the letter was "nothing out of the ordinary", adding applications were always followed up, no matter how long it took.
  5. Do you know how heavy grenades are?! That's really got to hurt your foot, kicking one of them about!
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    lol...yeah damn russins
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    I find it had to maintain spelling even when my brain is not splattered accross a wall..I try to use iespell scheck, but mostly that's a pain
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    WASHINGTON — A Washington State man says a drug prescription error started turning him into a woman.
    Keith Sabey claims the drugs that were supposed to save his life nearly killed him.

    Instead of Testosterone, he mistakenly received Estrogen from a Wal-Mart pharmacist back in April. That is when Sabey says he started getting hot flashes and his body began to change.

    Keith Sabey said, "His doctor, Dr. Conway, said I was growing breast tissue."

    Sabey claims the pharmacist admitted the mistake.

    Sabey has hired an attorney and says he may now sue the Wal-Mart.

    Wal-Mart has not commented on Sabey's allegations

    Yeah net i was kinda thinkin that too but thats why i didnt post the story on the forums and that i put a warning. Thanks for removin the link tho.
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    Here are the Darwin Awards for 2004:

    Yes, these are all true. They are finally out again. It's an annual honor given to the person who did the gene pool the biggest service by killing themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way.

    Last year's winner was the fellow who was killed by a Coke machine which toppled over on top of him as he was attempting to tip a free soda out of it. And the nominees this year in reverse order are:

    7. A young Canadian man, searching for a way of getting drunk cheaply, because he had no money with which to buy alcohol, mixed gasoline with milk. Not surprisingly, this concoction made him ill, and he vomited into the fireplace in his house. This resulting explosion and fire burned his house down killing both him and his sister.

    6. A 34-year-old white male found dead in the basement of his home died
    of suffocation, according to police. He was approximately 6' 2" tall and
    weighed 225 pounds. He was wearing a pleated skirt, white bra, black and white saddle shoes, and a woman's wig. It appeared that he was trying to create a schoolgirl's uniform look. He was also wearing a military gas mask that had the filter canister removed and a rubber hose attached in its place. The other end of the hose was connected to one end of a hollow tube approx. 12" long and 3" in diameter. The tube's other end was inserted into his rectum for reasons unknown, and was the cause of his suffocation. Police found the task of explaining the circumstances of his death to his family very awkward.

    5. Three Brazilian men were flying in a light aircraft at low altitude
    when another plane approached. It appears that they decided to moon the
    occupants of the other plane, but lost control of their own aircraft
    and crashed. They were all found dead in the wreckage with their pants
    around their ankles.

    4. A 22-year-old, Glade Drive, Reston, VA, man was found dead after
    he tried to use octopus straps to bungee jump off a 70 foot railroad
    trestle. Fairfax County police said Eric Barcia, a fast-food worker,
    taped a bunch of these straps together, wrapped one end around one
    foot, anchored the other end to the trestle at Lake Accotink Park,
    jumped, and hit the pavement. Warren Carmichael, a police spokesman,
    said investigators think Barcia was alone because his car was found
    nearby "The length of the cord that he assembled was greater than
    the distance between the trestle and the ground," Carmichael said.
    Police say the apparent cause of death was "major trauma."

    3. A man in Alabama died from rattlesnake bites. It seems that he and
    a friend were playing a game of catch, using the rattlesnake as a ball.
    The friend, no doubt a future Darwin Awards candidate, was hospitalized.

    2. Employees in a medium sized warehouse in west Texas noticed the
    smell of a gas leak. Sensibly, management evacuated the building,
    extinguishing all potential sources of ignition; lights, power, etc.
    After the building had been evacuated, two technicians from the gas
    company were dispatched. Upon entering the building, they found they
    had difficulty navigating in the dark. To their frustration, none of the lights
    worked. Witnesses later described the sight of one of the
    technicians reaching into his pocket and retrieving an object that
    resembled a cigarette lighter. Upon operation of the lighter-like
    object, the gas in the warehouse exploded, sending pieces of it up to
    three miles away. Nothing was found of the technicians but the lighter
    was virtually untouched by the explosion. The technician suspected of
    causing the blast had never been thought of as 'bright' by his peers.


    1. Based on a bet by the other members of his threesome, Everitt Sanchez tried to wash his own "balls" in a ball washer at the local
    golf course. Proving once again that beer and testosterone are a bad mix,
    Sanchez managed to straddle the ball washer and dangle his scrotum in the machine. Much to his dismay, one of his buddies upped the ante by spinning the crank on the machine with Sanchez's scrotum in place, thus wedging them solidly in the mechanism. Sanchez, who immediately passed his threshold of pain, collapsed and tumbled from his perch. Unfortunately for Sanchez, the height of the ball washer was more than a foot higher off the ground than his testicles are in a normal stance, and the scrotum was the weakest link. Sanchez's scrotum was ripped open during the fall, and one testicle was plucked from him forever
    and remained in the ball washer, while the other testicle was compressed and flattened as it was pulled between the housing of the washer, and the rotating machinery inside. To add insult to injury, Sanchez broke a new $300.00 driver that he had just purchased from the pro shop, and was using to balance himself. Sanchez was rushed to the hospital for surgery, and the remaining three some were asked to leave the course.

    Sexually frustrated chimp takes up smoking

    Sun Aug 29, 7:47 AM ET

    BEIJING (Reuters) - Sexual frustration has turned a Chinese chimpanzee from a mild-mannered simian into a problem primate who smokes cigarettes and spits at visitors, the Xinhua news agency says.

    Feili, a female chimp in the city of Zhengzhou in the central province of Henan, picked up her nasty habits by imitating visitors who behaved "improperly" around her, Xinhua quoted zoo director Liu Bing as saying on Sunday.

    But, Liu said, the root cause of Feili's transformation from a "gentle girl" into a "shrew" lay with the inability to find her a satisfactory mate.

    A male chimpanzee at the zoo has failed to live up to Feili's sexual demands, and she has snubbed other potential suitors.

    Zoo officials said Feili was not addicted to nicotine, but the chimp has also demonstrated clever -- if not desperate -- behaviour to score a smoke.

    "The chimp is spitting at tourists and smoking," Xinhua quoted a boy visiting the zoo. "Just now a tourist threw a cigarette butt to just outside the cage, she tried to get the butt with a stick."

    A little porn is 'good for you'
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    heh, some nice random finds
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    Man chops off wife's tongue Police in eastern India have arrested a man who chopped off his wife's tongue to stop her constant nagging.

    Enadul Mullick dragged his wife Halima by the hair to the kitchen where he used a cleaver to cut off her tongue.

    The 30-year-old victim has been admitted to a hospital at Barasat near Calcutta and is reportedly fighting for her life but it's not known whether doctors managed to reattach her tongue.

    It's reported her 40-year-old husband, who runs a grocery store, was fed up with the wife's complaints over his meagre income.

    Hindustan Times reports police spokesman Parveen Kumar telling the Indo Asian News Service: "The couple were not on good terms. The husband has confessed to his crime."