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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by mav88, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. mav88

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    hey I hope this is the correct section for this.

    ok, i have designed my website and its all good and ready for my hosting space. I have uploaded the first page and that works fine, images and all. When you click on the button it opens up a new blank browser and should load the flash movies. However this doesnt work. I get movie not loaded when i right click on the flash. Now could this have something to do with my files in the incorrect places?? - here ..

    / public_html /

    / public_html /images (where the front page gets its images)

    Now on my desktop this format works fine and calls all the swf's and the xml's etc. Just on the net the flash part aint workin.

    I have tried movin the files around and recoding some of it e.g putting it all except the imdex.html in the images folder, but that aint worked.

    Any help will be great thx

  2. mav88

    mav88 OSNN Addict

    its ok i have fixed the problem. a m8 helped me out. i had a swf file starting witha capital letter. Seems it was case sensitive, opps
  3. mav88

    mav88 OSNN Addict

    Shameless promotion? Can u guys have a look and post some quick feed back for me, just wanna make sure it works for everyone out there? And ur comments overall would be great

  4. Grandmaster

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    Santa Clara, CA
    You have talent with graphics. :)

    The site works great here on Firefox 1.5 @ 1920 x 1200. The only real problem is that a site that maximizes the window is really annoying.

    Other than that, no real problems, and nice use of flash.
  5. mav88

    mav88 OSNN Addict

    yeah my firefox 1.5 works fine @1280 x 1024. How do you mean annoying? You mean because it opens up another window so u have two?

    Thanks for the kind comment too :D
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  6. onimkron

    onimkron OSNN Senior Addict

    Looks very nice, the flash interface/navigation is definitely a highlight. Also love your photography section too :)
  7. Kush

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    Montreal, Quebec
    your photographs are amazingly good, ever thought of submitting wide screen and normal aspect versions of your pics to use as backgrounds at ? please do i would love to have some of them as backgrounds
  8. mav88

    mav88 OSNN Addict

    Thanks for the great comments guys

    onimkron and themafia.69 thanks guys, really made me smile them there comments. Photography has always just been a bit of fun for me, iv never been taught it and i have a fairly crappy camera. Carnt afford another as been a student aint the most glam of things.

    Iv never heard of that site themafia.69 and i may not have all the origional images to have as a decent size. But ill have a look, i only have a 3 million pixel camera with less features that a kettle. Just goes to show u dont always need fancy hardware.
  9. Admiral Michael

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    I like the Evolution Image, how bout posting the file?