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    I posted this once before and didn't get to look at it before the new forums came up. So here it is again.

    I'm looking for something that's not too costly, but has a good picture. Nothing that requires tons of lighting and has crap colors at crap resolutions.

    Personal experience or example photos would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Well what do you consider not too costly? And what do you want to use the cam for? Personally I have a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 (about $100) which I think is great. There are some cams that have problems with various video chat programs and alot of the older cams dont have (and never will have) drivers for XP. The current QuickCam Pros are compatible with XP and I have not heard of anyone having problems with them using any of the video chat programs. If you are planning on using CuSeeMe I would not recommend an Intel cam as alot of people have problems using certain Intel cams on CU. I would also recommend againts any of the dual use cams (webcam and digital cam), most are good at one and bad the other.

    The short answer is find a cam that works with the applications that you want to use it with and at the price that you are will to pay. And make sure it is compatible with XP before you buy it :D
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    i use a webcam that i got with mail in rebate and it does what i want it to do. The picture is not that good but it is okay. I have a veo veostingray.
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