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  1. BergaNdi Ray

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    I have found a WEALTH of spyware on my computer. I've managed to weed out all of it except Web3000. it has replaced my winsock32... HOW do I fix that?
  2. BergaNdi Ray

    BergaNdi Ray Guest

    I did a search first.... did I put this in the wrong Forum?
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    Seems about right to me...

    Try using Ad-Aware...
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    "Removing Web3000

    Warning: Do not use AD-aware to remove Web3000 without first removing the host software. Web3000 replaces wsock32.dll (C:\Windows\System\Wsock32.dll) and possibly other Windows system files. These will not be restored if AD-aware is used first. By default, users of Windows Millennium, may be protected. Windows Me stores files in protected form. The System File Protection (SFP) prevents a user from installing software that might make the operating system unstable. To learn more about SFP see my Windows Millennium Help and How to page."