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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jojopet, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. jojopet

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    Here's the problem: I'll go to a web site with images, and when I click on the link for the sitewith the images I want I get a page with more images again (similiar to the one I was on). Repeat process. I never get to a page with the images I want. Any way to validate this linking without getting trapped in an endless circle?
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    Don't understand the problem jojopet. Explain and perhaps give examples.
  3. jojopet

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    I go to site with pics.
    Click on pic for what should be a new page with that pic.
    instead I end up at a new site with NEW pics to select.
    This process ends up as a repetative circle.
    In other words I think I'm going to one location for a particular thing (photo) and I end up elswhere.
    Is there a software that will validate images are where they are supposed to be at instead of just being a link to another site? I have Express Webpictures to download images, but it can't weed out the legitimacy of a wesite's content....
  4. PowerHour

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    What's the site? Maybe I, or someone else can sleuth out the problem?
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    porno?? hahahaha...just kidding...warez'ers use that tactic all the time for "click on" counts.....thats what it sounds like to me.
  6. jojopet

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    "warez'ers use that tactic all the time for "click on" counts...
    So how do you avoid wasting time with these? How can you find out which will be real?
  7. PowerHour

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    The sites will almost always clearly state that you must "vote to enter" or "Click to vote" before you can get into it. Most of them will loop you forever inside a voting ring though
  8. Ravo_5002

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    he's looking on pr0n sites 99% shure;) :D :D

    you need some luck thats all
    you could try rightclick/properties ->check url

  9. SPeedY_B

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    I suggest that we don't start talking about warez sites and the like :)
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    I would agree with SPeedY_Bs suggestion