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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Inder, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. Inder

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    Hi guys,

    Can someone help me plz..
    I'm just thinking to setup my own web site.. Well I'm just down with the web site, But really don't know how to set up a web server?

    So if you guys help me in this i'll be thankful to you..
    All I need to know what I need to do to get my web site up and running..

    Like what software and hardware I need?
    - 24hr live connection
    - P IV computer with Win2000 Server..
    - Do I need a fiarwall? (software or Hardware)
    - and what?????? ehhhhhhh

    Can Plzzzzzzz someone help me in this.. Well a detail info?

  2. waddy

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    I would personally by a slot on someone elses webserver .... its cheap and a damn lot easier , plus you can use your bandwith for more useful things :p

    http://www.uksolutions.co.uk is my webhost ... great prices and a top service.

    But if you want to host it yourself

    You can use IIS which comes with XP, you have to go to add/remove , install components and install it ...

    Once installed go to computer management and you will see an apllet called IIS , just click on that to configure it...

    Put your index.html in C:> Inetpub > wwwroot

    type http://localhost to see if the server is working ok....

    Or you can install apache webserver , is free

    I personally like IIS .......

    You really need a static IP and a nice fast connection (depending on how busy your site is)
    if you havent a static IP use http://www.dyndns.org to forward your IP

    Definatly have a good firewall .........
  3. Inder

    Inder Guest


    Hey Waddy,

    Thanks for this but can you help me with other things..

    Ok I've got my web site name Register..
    Now how to configure Windows or IIS With the web site name..
    What Connection is good?
    IS there anything else i've to do?
    What about security?
    And after configure these thing.. if I go to internet.. and type the web site name am I able to connect...

  4. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK
    KK... erm easily done... :)

    First thing u need is a permanent internet connection (ADSL/Cable etc.)

    Next thing you can set up a webserver from any OS... first thing u need is either Apache or IIS... Apache is easier :)

    Now go along a download foxserv foxserv from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/foxserv
    get "FoxServ-webinstall (V1.0)" as it has all the stuff u need and is the most stable of all the versions...
    It will include Apache Server (+php support) and mySQL database. All you nee to set up your websiote if you are just making a basic HTMl website is apache...

    After downloading install it... and you have your veryown webserver :)

    Next... put the index.htm file and stuff for the website in the C:\forserv\www\ folder... DONE :)

    now to test our the site from home type either http://locahost/ or in IE... the website should show up (if you haven't set up a site there yet it chould have the default Foxserv site up)

    to test it from somewhere else do: http://<your IP>/

    it should work :)

    MdSalih - At school with so many f**cking blocks you can't do a thing :) But i can get here :)
  5. waddy

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    Inder :

    ADSL would be best, you will need to buy a static IP address from your ISP.

    Ok youve registered the domain name, you have to notify the place who has parked /holding the domain name to point it to the IP address you have bought...

    Once they do that it will take about three days for the DNS servers around to update.....

    You need to make sure your machine is all patched up with the latest Microsft patches ....


    I recommend using Zonealarm pro as the firewall

    To configure permissions etc go here



    Your going to have to read them sites to get a good understanding of IIS ....

  6. MiseryQ

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    There's many way to do websites... Hosting on a hosted server is probably the easiest way.

    I have two Machines, One will do however, the server runs 2K Advanced Server, and also routes to the workstation, Xp Pro...

    The servers "locked down" with a few SecureIIS and some other stuff :)... I have a ADSL connecection, SDSL is about 4 times ADSL, and use Dns2Go to "make sure I'm found"... If my serever goes offline Traffic gets routed to a free hoster with that message...

    With the server at your location you can run web, e-mail, ftp, forums, chats, whatever... Easier to do than someone else hosting...

    But you do give up bandwidth, you need a more expensive connection, server has to stay on, etc,etc, etc...