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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AcftMecH, Jan 31, 2004.

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    I have a web server that works for outside users when I assign it to port 90 but not to the default port 80. I thought it may have been my router stopping it from working, but I took the router out of the picture and had my cable modem hooked up to the pc server and it still didnt work for outside computers. I looked in the windows services to see if there would be anything there that may be stopping it, but didnt see anything to obvious. I am not using winXP firewall, or any other firewall for that matter except the router. Even if I disable the router firewall, I have same problem.

    Any suggestions on why it would not work on the default port 80 like it should?


  2. cpugeniusmv

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    perhaps your ISP is blocking it...

    i'm sure that in the AUP it says you can't run a web server (although many do anyway) :)
  3. Heeter

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    Like cpu said,

    It is not you, but 99% your ISP. If you are not paying for a monthly hosting account, your port 80 will be closed off.

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    One reason DSL is better than cable, they are usually more lax in their rules. Some cable co's will not even let you use a router.
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    true, a firend couldnt use a router with her ISP, she called them and they fixed it. As to the port, your prob right, the ISP is blockin it. My ISP doesnt (thanks god!!)!
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    yea most cable companies prohibit incoming requests on port 80 to keep users from running webservers. lowers their demand for bandwidth and keeps a limited few from sucking up the entire local bandwidth in a shared region because they run a webserver. Odds are you would have to get a business account from your cable company and pay a crap load more to get a routed connection for your port 80.
  7. Heeter

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    That's funny,

    Around here, it is the ADSL company the blocks Port80 and any relaying, so any Mailservers are out of the question as well. The Cable ISP might run a port scanner once in a while, if they have had complaints about spamming originating from their servers.