Web sales start on Christmas Day

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Dark Atheist, Dec 22, 2007.

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    Millions of UK consumers are expected to spend Christmas Day shopping online as major retailers begin selling discounted goods via the internet. Marks & Spencer, Halfords, PC World, Argos, Comet and Dixons launch web sales at 0001 GMT on 25 December.
    Industry body the Interactive Media in Retail Group predicted 3.57m Britons will hunt for deals on Christmas Day.


    i can think of better things to do on that day - and they involve jack daniels and southern comfort :D
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    southern comfort?

    oh ... just give me a headache now, please, and let's skip it!


    I wish I could send you the partly opened bottle that's been hanging around my cabinet for the last ... oh ... 10 years!

    I'm all for the online shopping, myself ... tho probably will focus on eBay ("shop victoriously" ... what a great gimmick), Nordstrom, and Bloomies.