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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alloy25, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. alloy25

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    Mt ISP told me I have some space for a web page....I have been trying to start it up but cant...
    I asked them and they said to get WS_FTP.....so I did get the pro ver 7.62 and I have no idea:eek:

    Plz tell me if there is a easier way ti set up a webpage and a easier program to use.....
    Be gentle with me as I have no F.....G Idea at all and this is going to be my new learning experience !!!!

  2. Hipster Doofus

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    You need to have an index.htm. That will be your sites starting point.
  3. Jim

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    I created my first web page using Microsoft FrontPage, if you have Microsoft Office you can install it. Frontpage has an easy to follow tutourial and it will upload your webpage for you. If I can do it anybody can.:)
  4. muzikool

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    WS_FTP is the program that you're going to use to upload your webpage to the space that has been made available to you by your ISP. As far as creating your webpage is concerned, that's a whole different story. You need software such as FrontPage, as Jim stated, to create your page. If you know HTML really well, you can actually use Notepad to create a basic webpage, but I don't advise that.
    If it's just the FTP program that you're worried about using, all you should need is an address and a user/pass (from your ISP) that you enter into the program. That information will connect you to your space, and you upload the pages and images for the site using the program. I'm sure you have more questions, but this is some of the basic info you might need to know.
  5. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    So do i need ws_ftp if I use frontpage insted....I only want to upload some pix and stuf like that for family and friends and ntfs.org's pix at the bottom?????
  6. muzikool

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    No, I believe that Jim is right in that FrontPage will upload the concent for you.
  7. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    Thanx 4 ur Help

  8. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    I Am trying to doit through frontpage but it wont connect to my isp........It just keeps asking for the user and password??????

    Office 2002 and publisher 2002 is wat I've got installed on a WinXp SP1 O/S.......

    Any help would be appreciated as it a bit of a deterence wen you can't get something to go..........
  9. Capricorn

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    Hi Alloy25, check your ISP's Web Site. It should give an uplift address to use when connecting to your Web Access with them. The password and user name are generally those that you already use to access your ISP.
  10. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    I tryied that and it didnt work....My friend has the same ISP and even he cant connect??????