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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Amer-I-can, May 11, 2002.

  1. Amer-I-can

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    just bought a web cam its a AIPTEK has anyone ever heard of this web cam before and if so how good is it oh its a mini pencam 3in1 thanks for any feed back:D
  2. Lonman

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    You're the one that bought it... you tell us. ;)
  3. Amer-I-can

    Amer-I-can Guest

    ya know u have an excellent point!....lolol:)
  4. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Seems to be a nice cam. :) Very small.
    Digital still camera mode
    PC camera mode
    Digital camcorder mode
    1248 x 960 pixels
    Image sensor
    1.3 Mega-pixel CMOS
    Internal memory
    16 MB built-in SDRAM (for avi movies)
    16 MB built-in Flash memory (for digital stills)
    Image capacity
    1248 x 960- up to 50 pictures
    640 x 480- up to 160 pictures
    AVI Movie format
    624 x 480 (Hr) 30 seconds / 10 fps
    304 x 240 (Lr) 120 seconds / 10 fps
    PC Mode frame rate
    20 fps
    Image Control
    Auto exposure, auto white-balance
    Shutter speed
    Electric variable speed
    Frame counter
    3 digit LCD display
    Image format
    JPEG, AVI (through software)
    Computer interface
    10 seconds
    Power saving
    Auto off (60 seconds)
    Power source
    2 AA alkaline batteries
    USB port when plugged into PC
    Battery Life
    1 week
    Camera dimensions
    1.3" x 1.22" x 3.54"
    Camera weight
    47.5 g (without battery)
  5. madmatt

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    New York
    xsiv, too much time on your hands? =)
  6. Amer-I-can

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    Thanks xsivForce u have given me more info on this cam than came with the instructions and I'am glad u had time on ur hands Thanks again:p
  7. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    I wish I had more time. ;)
  8. lelu

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    2 AA alkaline batteries

    Battery Life 1 week :eek:

    So it doesn't matter how much the camera is used? :)
  9. ikester7579

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    How much did it cost?
  10. TuMbRaS

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    hey AmerIcan..

    lol..i have the 3-in-1 too...had it for about a year now...its pretty cool.. not the greatest resolution..but its not touted as being high-end... what i like in particular is its ability to act as a standalone camera without the USB cord..... and like it suggests..i do carry it around in my pocket and take pictures at work...

    so long as there is adequate light..it takes perfectably viewable images..the better light... the better quality of the image....

    as far as webcam abilities.... you have the selection (5 i believe) of modes to choose from... i usually have mine on CIF.... for largest image area..320x240 i think it is...

    kind of funny that your mentioned this.... i just today downloaded the latest XP drivers for it... v.2.25 for the Digital Camera Manager from the Aiptek's International Site.... i hadn't downloaded the xp drivers since i swiched from win2000...

    anyway, let me know what you think???

  11. Amer-I-can

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    ikester,bought it at Best Buys,the guy working in the compooter area knocked 15% off so with tax it came to 95.87:D
  12. Amer-I-can

    Amer-I-can Guest

    Tumbras, I just used it this past Saturday at an area Bike show,and from the pictures I took the look really good. I trying to attach a picture of a Arlen Ness made Bike , I think I screwed up:(