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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Herkalees, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. Herkalees

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    I was wondering if there is a nice "light" weather/temperature program out there available for download (free or $$, I don't care) which has these particular features:

    1) I only really want something that displays the temperature of my zipcode. Nothing extra if possible...

    2) No ad's or popups. (I would assume this is possible if I pay some $$ for the program)

    3) I prefer it to run in the system tray as opposed to the taskbar or desktop.

    4) As mentioned above, I want it to be "light" as in nothing that spreads itself across the HD, and does not come with any other "try me" programs...

    I need to know the temperature daily, almost hourly for my job & outdoor photo taking hobby. Thanks for any replies!
  2. adventureran

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    I like WeatherBug for the things you mention. It just sits in the system tray showing current temp. If you click the temp, you get all the bells and whistles (ad-free if you pay, of course). It even flashes or sounds off for weather alerts. Doesn't eat up system resources either. Click here to check it out.
  3. npfanz

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    I don't know that I can answer to every one of your qualifications... but:


    This program will just display the current temperature in your taskbar (and if you want you can click on it to bring up a dialog with further info). I have to be honest, I haven't used this in quite a while, and it *might* be full of spyware. You could check around on their website, its all documented, but I didn't want to take the time to look as I don't know if you'll even like the program.

    have programs that will run in your system tray, but I don't know much about either of them.

    My friend tells me this is good, but I haven't used it and I know absolutely nothing about it:

    If you look at the 'post your desktop' thread I'm sure you're familiar with Desktop Weather. I tried the program myself and really didn't like it, but most seem to be very happy with it. I don't remember where to get it, but search the forums here and you'll find plenty if you're interested.

    I know all of these cover the US, but if you aren't here then I'm not sure if they will work for you...

    Hope that helps.
  4. Hilander

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    weatherbug works well, connection is to the school net system, with the weather equipment atop a local school. It has no spyware, I've run Ad Aware and have never found anything.
    And as fo those annoying pop under ads. Thats what PopUp Killer is for :D