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  1. Hamsterman

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    I get an wdmcapi.sys error from time to time. wdmcapi.sys at address F75E46E3 based at F75DF000.

    I run Xp pro ona soltek board with a 900mhz thunderbird. I have a networdk card, isdn card plugged in. the sound and graphics are on-board.

    I have tried new drivers, one crahsed the PC and I had to reboot qwith 98 go into dos to fix it. I have re-installed XP. I can't find any conflics and I have turned off acpi in the re-install so that it is seen as a standerd pc.
    Any ideas?
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Can you give us a bit more info on the error message you are getting? When is it popping up?
  3. Hamsterman

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    Now thats just the point, it pretty random and does not seem to be associated with any program opening or closing. It some times happens after the pc has been on for one or two hours and others times have the pc has been on for 12 to 18 hours. some times i don't have it for days then its back again. the error message is always the saome at the same address.
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    the only thing that I could find is that wdmcapi.sys seems to be related to (or part of) the ISDN drivers
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    For information. I swopped out the isdn card, changed my memory, reloaded xp pro. Thought maybe the card did not like my mainboard so I changed to another pc, changed from a via to intel, still got the same crashes from time to time. I finally got around to setting up another pc and swopped from xp pro to win98 and they crashes have gone.
    It is my opinion that for some reason the ISDN card and xp pro were just not working out and it would seem like it was the memory management side of XP pro. I know folks who run the same card on XP stadard with no problem and XP home addition. I just was one of a very few who seem to have this problem.

    My problem is now solved.