WD Caviar WD800, Windows can not save data....

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by GeorgGG, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Windows can not save data etc. and the disk stop responding, then i shut it down for a 5minuts and nothing happend. after 1 hours of rest disk started to work . I run some tests, 100% OK.

    What can it be wrong with my disk

    WD Caviar WD800 ATA-100, 7.200rpm

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    if you are getting i/o errors with your hard disk I would seriously recommend you back up your data and do a full burn in test of your hard drive (ie through the WD proprietry software not through windows)..go to their website.

    Also check the SMART status of the hard disk in the bios. If you havent enabled it then do so in the Bios. This usually warns of impending disk failure.

    Chances are the problem though internittent for now, may get worse...........and i found out the hard way...so be prepared.
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    That it starts working after it cools down makes it sound like a power supply or thermal problem.

    What are your CPU (45-55C) and MB (35-40C) temperatures?

    Is your power supply big enough to support 3 HD and 2 optical drives? That much load should have a 350W (a good brand 300W might handle your system, Enlight, Antec, etc).

    New equipment uses more +5Vdc than older parts so you need to check the current rating (Adc) of the +5V, not just the power rating (w). At least 25 Adc @ +5V for that system.

    IF temperatures and cooling are good enough it may be the HD.