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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by OTE, Jan 13, 2003.

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    I have been wondering whether to get a water cooling system in my computer. I have the computer in my bedroom and although its not loud I still prefer to turn it off at night.
    I dont really want to go into really low temperatures but i do like overclocking my system. Also I was wondering how are they when being moved around, i dont move it much but do go to a few LAN games during the holidays.
    I have a budget of about 100-150 of my english pounds. And would the cost be raised much if I was to water cool my 9700Pro as well? A guide would also be nice if anyone has any links, i suppose i need more of a 'What is...' rather than a 'How to...' guide.

    Thanks for the replys

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    you want to go for a GOOD water cooling solution...

    www.coolerguys.com has some nice little devices as well as quiter fans if you want to go that route..

    also you do have the oiption of buying totally silent passive cooling for your 9700pro from zalman :) all copper.. no fan = no noise... is not the greatest oc'ers but people get up to around 375-370 with it... stick a fan on it and boom... better dissipation hterefore more ocing headroom...
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    Thanks for the quick reply Sazar. I'll definately look into that Zalman heatsink.