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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by psx2000, Aug 1, 2003.

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    Latley I was interested in water cooling.

    I have a p4 2.8 ghz with 1.5 gbs of ram and a radeon 9700 pro. etc. I wanted to cool down my system as it builds up a lot of heat. Even with tons of fans it still don't seem to help.

    Well latley I been going to COMPUSA and noticed there water cooling set ups. They seem to really help with cooling down the computer and helping solve heat issues.

    Now here is my question....

    1. Wich water cooling system should I get? ( i say 2 of them at compusa one is a external and one is built into the case ,sorry I forgot the names of them)

    2. What is the difficulty level of installing a water cooling system? I am able to build my own computer from ground up but never worked with a water cooling system.

    3. Whats a good site or place to buy a good water cooling system?

    4. I heard the ones at compusa I need to buy add ons called water blocks , what are those and what do they do?

    Thank you for the help.
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    waterblocks are what go on your cpu, video card, northbridge, etc. whatever you want to cool needs a waterblock to sit on it and has the water run through it. it's just a metal block with two connections for tubing on it.

    here's a pic of an installed cpu waterblock:

    to decide what kit to get, look around for reviews.
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    The ones @ CompUA were Koolance. The add-on is called the Koolance Exos, it rec'd good reviews and Koolance is a respected name. As well as Swiftech (in the pic above). The most important aspect when dealing with H2O is of course leakage.

    Just make sure what ever outfit you go with the hose connections and the hoses themselves are of good quality.

    Go to any Overclock site and you can read all you ever need.

    There is also phase change refrigeration. This involves a huge compressor, and temperatures below zero when OCing like crazy.

    One thing with watercooling, is the temp you will usually have is only the ambient temp of the room you are in...

    Unless you use a Peltier...

    Check Out Cooler Guys, or Tom's Hardware, Koolance, and Swiftech
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    If you want to cool your system off the heat exchanger has to go outside the case! Otherwise you jast add more heat to the case.

    Now why do you think your system is too hot. What temp is the MB sensor running and what temp is the CPU running?