wat kind of fan(s) should I buy?

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  1. I am using gigabyte 7ZXE MOBO with althon 1.7. currently my computer have one fan. The problem is that when weather is hot like 40 degree. my pc keep auto restart! I know that my computer fan is not enough! I am not sure which kind of fan I need?

    Can some1 give me Recommendation? ty for rading n reply

    PS: I am using socKet A MOBO!
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    Id suggest panaflo.. not only are they one of the quietest fans.. they are some of the best performing fans.. I currently have 5 in my computer and the machine is still no louder than the hard drive. I can feel a blast of cool out coming out the back of my computer.. If you need some let me know
  3. How many Fan(s) should I buy?
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    what kind of case do you have?
  5. ATX Case! I not sure about the model! I dont know the model
  6. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Any quality BRUSHLESS fan will do. My preference are Delta's. They last the longest and are true work-horses out performing others in CFM's and longevity.