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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by DeepBlade, Jul 14, 2002.

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    well... i can really see the monopoly trend now, no joke, b4, i used to use word perfect, u know, in the olden days where they came in disks. Today, I use nothing but office xp, back in those days, i used to use ICQ, and just today, i installed and am using the leaked beta of msn 5.0, and never plan to run icq again, for alota reasons, doesn't crash, takes up less ram (3 mb compared to 15 mb for icq), the ads show on the main window, not your chat or message windows, and it loads a lot faster.... and now i'm hearing alota news about netscape/AOL suing microsoft for their IE monopoly, back in those days, it was 50/50, today it's something like 90% IE, 7% netscape, and 3% other..

    so.... what do u guys think about this monopoly....?
  2. I do agree that Mircosoft is a monopoly. But a bigger question is: What could you do about it? Now that Windows is a *cough* standard, its kinda hard to shut them down. The best that people could do is limit what they could sell. Or my favorite suggestion, make Windows open source. I think that as long as Microsoft dose't let it go to their head's and everyone keeps a close eye on Microsoft products that the quality sould stay about the same, and the biggest problem will be keeping the prices from reflection a monopoly.
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    With M$ new corporate pricing structure, I can hear a thousand penquins walking toward corporate america! Be ready and learn a little Linux on the side.
  4. I'm already making Tux get along with Microsoft - duel boot system.
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    If I had shares in microsoft I would luv em but I don't so they suc. :rolleyes:
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    I believe Msoft is a monopoly BUT I also believe that they have some great products on the market. I think that having their code go public would be both good and bad. It would be good because it would force some competition and possibly lower prices on OS's that would be offered (I'm sure there are many more good points...but hey, i'm at work...:D). It could also be bad because then there would be various "models" of windows out there and if you think bugs are bad now with games and appz I can't imagine how it would be if we had 5 different versions of Windows XP out there.

    my two cents

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    I have No Problems with a product that works and gives compatability with most other people. Unlike my IT dept. who are anti MSoft. Although they use 95 on all PCs but the make us use Sun Office crap . Not compatable with any of our customers.

    Regarding chat i use trillian coz it allows you to use all of the main chat things from one place . good stuff:D
  8. Terrahertz

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    Hey shouldnt this be in GD:) oh well
    TO many damn service packs and patches but, their okay in my book
  9. Sazar

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    pricing could be a bit better... but I have no serious problems with microsoft... people generally use their products and decide if they want to continue... like the lawsuits brought out by so-called self-styled monopolu makers like AOL ? ah puhlease... make a better product... people will use it... netscape sucks goats bullocks...

    microsoft DOES have one problem... they TRY to make everything so snazzy and stuff... I could live with a kewl interface without a billion animations... but as long as there are ways to turn it off I am more than happy...


    my 2 cents? I am satisfied with microsoft... now only if some of their products were more stable...
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    I have been using almost all the flavors of Microsofts Windows Operating Systems, and I can say they have really gone a long way in terms of compatability and ease of use. The new windows xp is a great Edition for people who just want to get into computers with its fast and easy interface. I can't stand though that microsoft tries to change the market instead of going along with it. For instance: they don't want to use MP3's they want to make their own technology, as well as Coronas not wanting to use mpeg-4. Microsoft should embrace other peoples works instead of giving only credit to their own employees. I think it would be great if Microsoft had its source code available. It would be a lot more tighter community and things would actually work much better.:D
  11. madmatt

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    Simply put, Microsoft rocks. I would love to work for them; I'd be driving my Viper around, for sure.

    Microsoft is just the leader of their industry as Verizon, eBay, AOL, General Motors, etc. are.

    Now sure, MS has more of a lock, but the other companies named above play the same dirty game.
  12. NetRyder

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    I agree completely :D
  13. madmatt

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    If it wasn't for Microsoft, in my opinion, the computer age would be nothing compared to what it is today, and it would probably still be a 'toddler'.
  14. DeepBlade

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    truely, especially now with XP

    an addition to my comment about icq vs msn
    msn is making icq look like a try-hard
    look at these WICKED features!!

    i want to:

    "invite someone to this chat", with icq, u'd have connection problems and it opens up some lagging ram eating window (back in those days it was alota ram)

    "start white board", this originated from netmeeting it was so fun just playing tic tac toe for the hell of it! :p

    "ask for remote assistance", haven't tried this yet, but really useful

    "browse the web together", WOW!!!!!!

    and icq??? it has all that junk since the beginning that no one uses, so hard to find the smallest settings, who even uses that search engine at the bottom of icq???? jeez
  15. NetRyder

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    Right on!! :D
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    Have you at all tried ICQ 2002? It uses roughly the same amount of RAM as MSN; they've managed to tighten the code a lot since 2000/1. It's hard to go past offline messaging as well.

    That said, I use MSN most of the time.
  17. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    I think they are great, as long as they file an honest corporate return.:D
  18. DeepBlade

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    true say.... about offline msging
    u'd hafta e-mail them and they'd hafta go check their e-mail

    and then there's also history.... which u can check back msges, and more to offer in the 'info' part.... but i think msn plus can do all that can't it?

    uuuuuhhhhhhh.... i guess these messanging programs really fluxuate... before, it was icq - 15 mb, msn - 3 mb

    now it's -icq - 4 mb, msn - 7 mb ???????
    (msn 5.0, icq 2002a)
  19. Aarow

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    Trillian Rocks

    You can Chat to people over all Chat channels through one interface

    including AIM ICQ MSN IRC YaHoo with all the features

    gotta be a good thing :D

    and it's skinnable. even better
  20. DeepBlade

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    i heard about that from a few friends, they say it's good

    hhhmmmm.... and i also found a really good icon of it... hhmmm.... i'll try it if i have time