Warcraft III locking up

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Stalfos, Mar 3, 2003.

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    I have been playing Warcraft on my current rig since it came out. Yesterday I tried to run it and just when it is about to start it would lock up. First thing I think it could be is the graphics card. I go and buy a new one but I am still getting the same thing. Thinking it is a screwed up Windows, I decide to reinstall windows, even do a low level format to get rid of absolutely everything. I have 2 hd's second of which I use for storage. I have mant things on there I dont want to lose so I unplug it and dont plug it back in until I am done with the install. I get XP running again and get all the newest drivers for all my stuff and decide to give Warcraft III a try again. As before it installs fine and everything but when I am about to play, it locks up again. I run a virus scan on both drives and even use the Data life guard floppy to check if there is anything wrong with my hd's but everything clears out clean. I decide to unplug my second hd and run Warcraft III and it runs fine now. I am guessing it is a conflict with my hd but I just cant find what the heck is wrong with it. All other games work fine except Warcraft. I am at my wits end fellas, if anybody could help me, it would really be appreciated. Thanks
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    So much effort for one game .. thought that ?
    Maybe your save files exist one another partition on the second HDD .. You haven't specified on what drive is installed the OS and the game either :confused:
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    ummm maybe u need a new power supply?