Warcraft 3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by duder, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. duder

    duder Guest

    is it worth it to dl the beta or warcraft 3?, has anyone tries the game?
  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    No :eek: ! I've tried also on multyplayer and works fine .
  3. nubs

    nubs Guest


    is it now available in an open beta format?
  4. duder

    duder Guest

    i'm going to give it whirl, and no its not open. and i won't give a link neither
  5. Helmer

    Helmer Questions R me

    All WarCraft3 testers has been given the option of sharing their beta key with 4 others - meaning that each key can be used five times, if there is more the 6th user and up cannot log on to BNET :)

    Well to answer you question, it's a fun and ok game - if you liked warcraft 2 you'll like this one too, if you never tried any of the warcraft games I STRONGLY reccomend that you try it out! :)
  6. toxicity

    toxicity Guest

    i have tried it (my cd-key is legit). really good. im buying the collectors edition. i say its worth buying
  7. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest


    Would anyone be willing to share thier cd key with me?
  8. JeremyT

    JeremyT Guest

    well, contrary to what was posted earlier, the only thing this game has in common with war2 is the story. Any strategies that you had before don't matter at all in this game. Completely different. That said, I love the game. It has a lot more character than war2 did and obviously the game is gorgeous. I am an unnoficial beta tester, but I've bought every Bliz game they've released and this will be no exception. A must have in my opinion....
  9. nubs

    nubs Guest


    can somone give me the address to download it, ill get my own cd key for it....
  10. duder

    duder Guest

    careful asking about that here
  11. nubs

    nubs Guest

    Never mind

    I found a copy and a CD-Key. I didn't realize there were thousands of people out there playing cracked versions of the game. There is even a fake Battle.net that is allowing people to access it with multiple of the same key. Crazy stuff I say.
  12. CooL_*_TanG

    CooL_*_TanG Guest

    the game sucks hardcore ........ well I guess thats just me ... I hate that game .......... people who think its just me got to consider I have played:
    warcraft 1 & 2+expac & 3,
    Empire Earth,
    Age of Empires 1+expac & 2+expac .
    Diablo 1&2+epac

    I just still feel Age of empires 2 expac is the best game out of all the strategy games out. And when Age of Mythology comes out it will blow the rest of strategy games out of the water including WC3 ...... well thats my input laterz
  13. leonlai

    leonlai Guest

    yes yes im awaiting the release of AoM
  14. w0lv3rin3

    w0lv3rin3 The Source Political User

    Barrie, ON
    Sorry to burst Your Bubble

    First off what game was nomitated game of the year:
    WarCraft II
    Diablo 2

    Threw out my years of gamming i have nenver seen AOE top game of the year and if it was all blizzard games so far has been top game of the year above all other games.
    i can tell u this much WAR3 is so different from warcraft. and even now people say it is the best game ever even in beta version.

    not worth geting beta version now cause u cant play single but u can play online wit FSGS servers

    All MS games suck all around cpt Midtown Madness 2, that game is sweet!

  15. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Diablo2 was great...

    I downloaded the beta about 2 months ago, from some dodgy site, but without a key I soon lost interest in looking at the spangley menus and went back to playing Counter-strike ;)
  16. nubs

    nubs Guest


    The game is not finished yet, but from what I've played it's pretty damn good. There are some issues with balancing but other than that the graphics, story, sounds and atmosphere are totally unbeatable.
  17. w0lv3rin3

    w0lv3rin3 The Source Political User

    Barrie, ON
    Game is finished

    The Game is finished but still has bug, see what blizz did is that they just extracted the internet version from the hole game, just for testing for bugs, if they wanted they could release it right now but wit some major bugs, all blizzard games has bugs in it thats one of their main problems other then that i love it.

  18. Ok u guys

    Ok i have read all of your threads and heres what i got to say... first of all Helmer is a moron. Right now it is B-net is running off a AT&T server for free and can have as many people as you want on b-net. And Warcrat 3 in done but there was a problem setting it up with there new server database. and if u want to fine it i suggest you download a shareware program like Kazaa,Imesh,Grokster,Limewire,Morphes,. these will allow you to p2p share the folder. you can fine them at.....

    you can find everything u want on there programs......

    Athalon Xp 1900 512Ram
    G-Force 4 Ti 128
    ya know what lets just say the computer is kewl....
  19. Helmer

    Helmer Questions R me


    I'm a moron? Cool!

    Sure you can do what you say, but it's no legal - and to my knowledge this site does not approve of actions as those..

    What I'm talking about is being in the official beta ya know, the stuff where you interact with the game developer to make a better game - a thing you'll never experience if you run around stealing everything..

    So Keith, go play with Imesh and Kazaa Lite - have fun.. Just don't run around calling people morons as long as you have no clue as to what you are talking about..

    Have a nice day :)

    Edit: I forgot to say, good luck trying to make the cracked version work - do you feel like opening all ports in your router? :D
  20. w0lv3rin3

    w0lv3rin3 The Source Political User

    Barrie, ON
    LOL Suon-Of-Liberty

    u cant find sqwot on any of thoses P2P, u be luck enough if u can find are RIP