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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by seeme, Jun 25, 2002.

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    Ive stated my dislike for warcraft 3 already, hmm, i wouldnt call it a dislike its that the gameplay is so similar to number 2 that i would be so bold as to say blizzard have wasted their time putting this game together.

    ITS A GREAT GAME! the concept is great, its just that they have already done it. i see no need to simply release a game with updated graphics. which arent all that good anyway. im not impressed and im running it at 1600x1200. WITH A GEFORCE2MX!!! and its running the game smoothly!

    i just installed warcraft 2 to compare the games, and yes. warcraft 3 is a major improvement. the graphics in number 2 SUCK! :) (lol. i remembered them as being so clear....its a bit like playing quake 3 and then trying to play duke3d. my god.)

    THe DnD style they have added is a good idea, but its just way TOO similar to the last game for me to be intrested in it for more than 30 minutes.

    oh well, ill just haev to wait for something better to come along. im so dissapointed. ;(
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    I realy Like the game. But I miss a sence of HUMOR..in the game...

    when I walk with a Orc in W2 and clicking him from left to the right and back to left, je Orc (and Humans) began to complain
    "going left...going right" etc etc :D

    I miss it in W3 :(

    Its still an excellent game, im still waitingf for the NEW settlers, hopefully the same engine :D

    Greetings NCC1704, from The Netherlands (who missed the Wk2002 :eek:
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    The Netherlands
    Then LEARN IT! :mad: :D

    sorry, off-topic.

    About Warcraft 3: Dunno if it's any good, yet have to try it.
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    my opinions here about WC3 are the same it is not the game i was waiting for, and i cant belive it toke soo damn long :(

    also its a bit unfair if you play a custom game, as fast as i can go i can make like 10 soldiers but then get attacked from like 30 soldiers ALL soo much powerful than mine :( and this is all the times i have played, kinda unfair if you tell me.

    and the game is a bit slow (e.g chars move slowly, not that the GFX are choppy)

    my 2 cents.