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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Tbird94sc, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Tbird94sc

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    im not sure where to put this so i figured general would be it.

    ive got a few extra mice form work, the microsoft intellimouse optical explorer wireless one. it used to retail for 89.99 but has since dropped to 69.99. i got a few left and i need to unload them asap. if you are interested email me @ 94tbird@optonline.net or im me @ thunderbird94sc.

    i figure 35 + 5 ship is a good price. $40 total shipped via ups with a tracking number. if you are interested, please let me know. thanks


    here is a link to see it

  2. Tbird94sc

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  3. Tbird94sc

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    how so? explain ive never had a prob with a ms mouse ever. been using them for years
  4. loppdawg69

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    are they in box?
  5. Tbird94sc

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    yes. they are new in box, sealed never opened.
  6. GT2000

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    Yea, I've had this optical logitech for over 2 years, still works great, only thing that'll replace it is this pretty 'lil combo... :)
  7. Tbird94sc

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    if they ever break, which i never had the prob, but my friends dog ate his, he just called ms and within 2 days he had a new one. they didnt even want the old one back
  8. Tbird94sc

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    so. like i said jsut call ms if u got a prob. besides, these are new in box. never opened and sealed. i got ur opinion so no need to respond. just want to see if ne1 is interested in helping me out here
  9. mavis

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    I would buy one (I loved my old MS Intellimouse Optical!!! Awesome mouse!!!) but I'd have to pay for shipping to Japan, so it's cheaper to just buy one here.

    Anyway, just wanted to respond, to offset catch23's standard negativity. ;) That mouse does rock, having used one for a year and a half, it is exactly what I plan on buying again!

  10. seeme

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    yeah, not wanting to turn this into a flame war, but i have also noticed catch23s negative comments recently.

    Is there anything we can help you with catch?


    Ive never had a problem with MS mice.
  11. Henyman

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    hey that's catch, u get used 2 the coment's....

    not a bit of dodgy dealin i hope tbird94sc;)

    optical mouses r amazin.
  12. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK
    Currently using one of those mice... the only main downside to them is the batteries underneath... need replacing every so often... also... even when your computer is switched you have a red glow under yer mouse... gets to you when yer trying to sleep... over all its pretty good imo :D

    I've had 2 Intelli Explorer mice... before... both of them died with in a year because the wire comming out of the mouse became detached somehow in side the mouse... and fubar-ed it... this is problem is now a recognised fault by MS... and they will give refunds under extreme terms... only available in US though :(

    ...you are sure NOT to have that problem with themes wireless mouse unless you keep pulling on the signal reciever ;) (thats not a recognised fault :D)

  13. PseudoKiller

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    I have had problems only with the M$ Intellimouse ps/2 version and it the uber crap version. By that I mean you buy them in bulk. Batches of 10. They have the textured suface. The good Intellimouse id the one with the smooth and glossy surface. Other than that they look exactly the same. Also the uber crap version does not do serial connections. The better version does.
    But on the flip side of things. I have had and continue to use 2 optical mice from M$. The Explorer mouse ver 3.0 and Internet Optical. The latter I have used for 3 years and the former I have used for about a year now, both with no problems what-so-ever.
    I like M$ products... they aint perfect but I havent found anything that is. It is a matter of choice.
  14. mavis

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    damn! Didn't realize it was a wireless mouse, thanks md for pointing that out ... Guess I just learned to avoid SKIMMING threads, huh? :)

    I'll take one, man!! You can ship to my buddy in Seattle since he'll be sending me a bunch of stuff pretty soon anyway and can just add that to the package ... Any chance of moderator super-special discount? ;)

  15. Tbird94sc

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    hey man. thanks a lot. these are $70 mice. I bought them when they were still 89.99 from my job. for what i paid for them im breaking even. if you do want one, just paypal me $40 and send me your address. when i get back from work around 4pm today i will try to rush over to UPS and get it out today. if not, it would go out first thing in the morning tommorow. my email address for paypal is the same as my regular email,

  16. Tbird94sc

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    On the wireless version, there is no red glow underneath the mouse. this is to save the life of the batteries. also, i havent changed the batteries in about 4 months and my computer has not been shut off in that time either so they do last long, about 6 months im told. also the mouse has a shutoff. it stops transmitting and goes into powersace mode after like 20 seconds of inactivity. as soon as you movie it again it takes like a quarter-second for it to start gonig again. much less time then if your monitor went into powersavemode and you were waiting for it to come back to life :)
  18. Tbird94sc

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    "R" Man, you must truly be "Un-XP-erienced", lol

    joking man, dont take it personally
  19. Goatman

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    GT2000 I have that combo, I'm really happy with it, I would recomend it to anyone.
  20. Tbird94sc

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    ne1 else interested?