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  1. Ok. I know my bios, nic, and nic settings are all set to use wake on lan. (I did it myself) Now all I have to do is run a test to see if it works.

    Anyhow, I know how to use the wake up features, but how in the hell do you use the "turn it off" feature? I don't actually have a home network, just a cable modem. All I will use wake on (and off) lan for is through the dslreports.com wake on lan tool to turn on my pc from a remote location to access my ftp server. Is there a way, over the plain old internet, to turn off the computer, hopefully just as easy? THANKS.

    --Also-- This is a little dumber, but will I be able to use WOL at all with my computer completely turned off with a cable modem?
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    You can turn the comp on..but not off I believe. As long as you have your cable modem connected via nic..and made sure that the WOL wire is connected form the nic to the mobo you should be able to wake the computer just fine...as for if the computer is completely off..you won't be able too...cause your cable modem until the computer is turned on only has a private side (10.xxx.xx.x) address which can't be used...it's not until your computer is turned on and gets it's DHCP assigned address that is addressable that it can receive packets.

    I'm pretty sure i'm right about that, but ya never know :p
  3. ok so you are saying I won't be able to use WOL if my computer is turned off by just normal shutdown? that is called soft-off. I know that if you disconnect the power source to the computer it won't work, but normal shutdown won't? just need to clarify. Thanks for your help.
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    WOL is based on MAC Address, therefore will only work on a LAN (WOL = Wake ON LAN). Because IPs can be dynamic, but MACs are hard coded to tne NIC and never change, a command is sent to it based on MAC frames, which cannot be routed over TCP/IP (or the internet). It will only work on a directly connected LAN.

  5. I heard you could wake your computer when on ther road, but I suppose those are all businesses. Besides, it's not useful because I don't think the ftp server process starts on the xp welcome screen. oh well.
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    They are MAC specific, but lately i've seen some programs and sites that allow you to use WOL if you have the same IP address or such and give them the address...i'll have to look up some examples but I know i've seen em in the forums at DSL are various network sites.
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    u can turn off the computer by putting a simple VB program to call the shut down fucntion. and run this program form the remote computer and the host computer should shut off. if u nedd the program, let me know. i gotta search for ya