W00t!!! KaZaa deletes files spontainiously

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by -[xs]-mirage, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. -[xs]-mirage

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    OMG, i had about 2000 songs and some 20 Full (700MB) Divx vids and when i booted my pc this morning.... and opened KaZaa, all my songs that were in the kazaa shared folder had been deleted.

    Please please help me!!! I want my songs and vids back!!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JJB6486

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    I voted for both. I hate the spyware and ads, but i like the ability to download almost every song in existence for "free"

    Never had a problem with it deleting stuff before though :confused:

  3. w0lv3rin3

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    use Kazaa Lite, non-spy ware and also the files could have eben moved to a different folder, ever think of that?
  4. -[xs]-mirage

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    i know i have thought of moved files... However after searching my hdd for an hour i have found NO TRACE of files!! They arent hidden they arent there. Anyways... thanks for the help... (And yes i use KaZaa Lite) Oh well... t3 connection... no big problems i will have it all back in an hour or 2... take it easy people and thanks for your help.
  5. damnyank

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    Sorry ya lost all the songs and videos but check this out!

    It can't hurt to download and run it - it may be too late this time - but at least you'll know for sure!
  6. egghead

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    dont worry

    most files can still be recovered if they are not overwritten

    you need to boot from a second harddrive and use your main harddrive as the secondary master
    you should borrow a friends large drive because you want to rescue everything you can

    you must get this program


    this program is a must have

    dont use your harddrive or you will write over more files

    install this program on the new harddrive and search your lost harddrive for erased files
    after 20 mins
    you will get a message with thousands of files

    i would just select all and copy to the new drive
    at this point nothing was saved and the files displayed are the ones that will be able to copy to your new drive
    this will save all files to the new drive for safe keeping

    i had a super corrupt harddrive and this program deciphered and saved hundreds of files including a complete office 2000 backup

    please post your findings here

    i hope it helps


    after youve saved your mp3's etc...
    you can safely copy the files back to your original harddrive without overwriting anything

    it sounds like kazaa haters have made good use of the xp bug mentioned in the other posts and deleted a very common folder for kazaa users
    update to sp1 or get the fix from the link above
    its only 30k

    check for viruses
    free online scanner

    i use it whenever xp slows or acts strange