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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ToddStefan, Dec 6, 2002.

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    Both work great on lan, but NOT over internet. Using Ip's instead of names.

    xp to xp pc's
    Cable to DSL
    Same workgroup
    error 800 or 721

    Dlink router-config for pptp&ipsec passthru
    Assuming the Passthru setting above allows the pc w/ private add (192.) be reached? Router has public add.

    Used VPN once w/o router, got connected but couldn't see any anything including shared files. Clicking Nethood dropped connection.
    When connected,VPN should be as if on LAN?
  2. Lighthater

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    I am not sure how the Dlink router works, but I had to Port Forward port 3389 to the pc I wanted to connect to. I have a Linksys router.
  3. koko

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    if you have cable, you'll need to enter the wan ip addy, not your machine's ip addy.
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    VPN and Remote Desktop work great over the net. if you have a router you have to use the ip of the net-side of the router for remote desktop. you will also have to open port 3389. as for VPN you will have to play with the settings in your router config. you will have to use pptp as the protocol though. unless your router is brand new and allows l2tp through.

    yes once your conected to a vpn its the same as being part of the same LAN as the vpn server.