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    Hey Guyz Thax in advance !!!

    I have just purchased HP Pavilion dv2700 Entertainment Notebook PC. It has 250GB of HDD & has only 2 partitions
    C:\> SYSTEM
    D:\> HP Recovery Partition

    It has about 180 gb size in C: so what I wanted to do is to have 4 more partitions in it. And I wanna it without having data loss and without altering the boot time default HP restore manager which is done by pressing F11 key. Pls help me guys ...
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    HP does have an option to backup the recovery stuff to disc, I would recommend doing so before proceeding. Things happen and you don't want to loose that recovery data.
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    Ditto what Michael said. Burn a backup disk first from the recovery partition.

    I repartitioned my laptop so I could install XP and Linux for multi-boot and I do not rememebr having to go to much work to do it. Not near as much effort as the link above talks about.

    There is a free linux based partition management tool called Gnome Partiton Editor (aka Gparted Live CD) that I used. I split the 80 gig C: drive ending up with a C: and E: at around 40 gig each (plus the recovery partition). You can make more than 1 new partition out of the freed up space.


    You can then set up to run multi boot or just use the second (3rd, 4th, etc) partions for data.

    Note You do not need to boot from a Vista CD. I did not. Just boot vista after you run the Gparted resize and go into the VISTA disk management to set up the new partition(s) using the space Gparted made available.
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    Gkgm, some soft in this area that could be useful to you. I'm not sure about partitions but due to it you can manage you disks and space on it. Disk space management
    And it seems to be free...
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