VOB InstantCD interfering with XP?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mcdruid, Apr 22, 2002.

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    I posted about this recently:


    I was having problems with my DVD/CD-RW combo, in that the only time it would actually find any files on any CD that I inserted was straight after boot. As soon as I ejected the drive & put any CD back in (even the same one) no files were found.

    Going to the command prompt and trying to DIR on the appropriate drive letter returned a message something like "Invalid media type, may not be formatted"

    It was driving me mad! I've just re-installed XP (for various reasons) and the drive was working fine at first, until I re-installed the CD burning software that came bundled with my combo.

    This is VOB's InstantCD 5 - including Instant Video / Backup / Wizard and Multi-Copy.

    As soon as I put this software back on, I got the same problem with files not being found on any CD's except the first one after boot. Strangely though, I can still use XP to burn straight onto CD's (even when it won't recognise any files already on there).

    I've removed the VOB software through the Control Panel, and everything's fine again.

    However, I quite like this software - it's easy to use, and I don't really want to have to splash out on Nero or anything (which seems to have plenty of problems of its own according to these forums!)

    The main thing I want it for is audio CD's - the ripper & audio CD writing on InstantCD is what I've got used to. XP's data writing is fine as far as I can tell, but I'm never using Win Media Player to burn an audio CD again!! (even with the audio quality set to 'best' it compresses the audio into WMA files so much that the CD ends up sounding like one of those novelty birthday cards!!)

    Can anyone..

    1. Recommend how I can fix the problem and get InstantCD back on without ruining XP's CD functionality?


    2. Recommend any software I could use instead? I'm on a pretty tight budget, so freeware is preferable! but any recommendations would be appreciated.

    thanks a lot,
  2. eddieb

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    I think you need to upgrade to version 6. It adds compatibility with XP.
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    Thanks EddieB.

    That probably would help, but I've just been to VOB's site, and I can't upgrade from version 5.3 to 6.x for free. (I know I'm being tight & you can't get something for nothing!)

    Bit of a pain though.

    cheers anyway.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of the freeware app.s?

    The one I've found on CNET & ZDNET that looks most appropriate is:

    Ashampoo AudioCD MP3 Studio 2000 Morpheus Edition 2.35


    ..but that looks like it's going to be full of adware (and maybe other stuff I really don't want on my system!)


  4. eddieb

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    You might want to try Stomp (Veritas) RecordNow Max. I've had really good luck with it and you can download it off this site.