vista networking problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by _kC_, Apr 23, 2006.

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    hello, tried the 5342 build on my laptop last nite (evesham 2.66ghz, 512ram, nvidia 64mb 440)

    everything seems to instal ok, it even picked up my netgear wg511 pccard.

    it didnt pick up drivers for my sound, modem & graphics... but windows update did, so all seemed hunky dorey:)

    but the wireless just wont work, it can see the router (dg834g) but says no signal
    i tried disabling wep & access control (mac codes), but still the same... so i resided to cat5 cable, which worked.

    i set the workgroup name, rebooted but cannot view any of my network

    i have a server, a games/power pc & a media center but it cannot view any of them, tried disabling the vista firewall (not the service)
    tried //networkpcname

    it was late and ran out of ideas to try.

    remote desktop to my server & media center worked fine, internet worked fine, just no network shares.. is there anything else i can try?


    and whats with vistas crappy wireless ability? or is it just that card wont work with it? (even tho vista installed its driver)?