Vista Login Sequence Screen Captures

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NuclearSmegma, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Here's the issue:

    I would like to take screen captures of the Vista login sequence.


    I can't install 3rd party software to do it. I tried with a camera, but quality sucked.

    Found this, but was for XP, and didn't work:

    Try this:
    1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Windows Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab and highlight Explorer.exe. Click "End Task" in the lower right. You will be presented with a warning, which you should select yes on.
    2) If everything worked, your taskbar and desktop should have disappeared. Don't worry, it's temporary. In the Task Manager, go to the File menu and select New Task. In the resulting input box, type "logonui" and click OK. The logon screen should now appear behind the Task Manager. At this point, go ahead and take your screenshots. You can open Paint by typing "mspaint" into the New Task box.
    3) Once you have finished taking and saving the screenshots, select "logonui.exe" in the process list in the Task Manager and click End Task. This will close the logon screen. Finally, go to File and New Task. Type "Explorer" into the text box and click OK. Your taskbar and desktop should now re-appear.
    That's it! Hope this helps.

    I'm not smart enough to figure out if it can be done or not. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    This is one of those "think outside the box" moments...

    The way I'd go about it is just use remote desktop to connect to another machine, then alt + prnt screen to take screenshots of just that window (RDP window)...

    You might be able to pull it off
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    load it in a vm and take snapshots on your own desktop as the virtual machine starts up?

    edit: oh - you wanted the login dialog boxes.. not the startup splashes.. never mind me..