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Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by epk, Sep 7, 2008.

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    I really love the games explorer that comes with vista. I used to have a "games" folder on xp to avoid ending up with millions of icons on the desktop or having to go thru the start menu to find them.

    But one problem the games explorer has is that sometimes it doesnt add the game after install... this mostly happens with older games, but it happened to me with newer ones aswell.

    Thats why I thought of looking for a way to add the games and edit the details, but found it impossible to do manually. Then I came across this small utility that lets u add new games and update existing ones.
    Its a bit hard to use, but I think its awesome nevertheless.

    ps. u can go to to find the game details and box art, which is where the games explorer takes the info (when it works :p)
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    Epk, have you had any issues loading any of your new games on vista? I have found of the new games I have tried to load won't.
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    Ncie find. Rep ++
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    lawman.. well, did u read the instructions? can be tricky to use sometimes, as it has different ways to add or edit existing ones

    i had some trouble when i tried to add the bf2 expansion using the bf2 settings cos they use the same .exe, but then i changed it to use f.e.a.r's parameters and it worked ok.
    what error are u getting, and when?

    oh, and thanks zero =) i found it pretty useful so i thought i'd share :]
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