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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by yellowvw99, Aug 26, 2003.

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    I have a 6200 Visioneer scanner which worked last year, on a machine that was using Win98. Now I am trying to get it to work again. Every time I try to scan something, it stops and shows a error, check that the unlock is on the scanner I've shaked the scanner to see if the light bar would move(and it does). However, when I push the button to scan, I get the same message every time. I know its not the software. I've tried Paperport 7 and 8 and both show the same message. Does anyone know or has had the same problem.

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    What is the operating sytem you are using now? Could be a driver issue if it is XP.
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    I'm using Win98SE, and all of the driver seem to be working. I can shake the light bar down the track, which means its not locked. Then when i turn on the scanner, the light bar retracks. Then I try to scan a picture, thats when I get the "Locked" message. I'm about ready to throw it out.
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    could you please throw it to me i could use a scanner :p

    try disabling the scanner in the hardware manager and remove the driver then restart and install the scanner and the driver again...
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    I know how to disable the hardware, but how do I remove the driver? What area would I find it at? I still don't think its the driver.
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    You did not mention the connection type.

    Assuming it's parallel since you're still on Win 98SE:
    Check that the BIOS on the new machine has the parallel port set to ECP+EPP. Also check the cables. Does a printer work on the port?

    If it is a USB port make sure the cable is as high a standard as the comp port and printer (USB1 or USB2) standard.

    The fact that you can knock the scanner head loose by shaking it scares me. Sounds like the scanner is trashed.

    Been so long since I used 98 I forget how to run it.
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    The scanner connection is usb, and the computer recognizes the scanner along with the software. when I shake the lightbar down and re-plug in the power, the bar returns (to its original upright position). I can see where the lock lever is, through the glass. When I start to scan anything, it starts to move, and then I get the error message, about being locked. It did work on this computer last year, when I needed to scan something. Any other suggestions???
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    You say it worked last year... on this same machine. What did you do to the machine or scanner since then?

    Have you tried connecting it (the scanner) to another computer (with win98SE, Me, 2000 or XP) to see if it works?
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    I had the same scanner, it is a driver problem withthose things. uninstall paperport and drivers and reinstall them, that will do the trick, but I must say I always had to do that every couple of months.

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    Check the manual again about the proper way to remove the "scanners lockbar" and read this.


    After installing the scanner, a message from Scan Manager asks that you verify the scanner has been unlocked, or the Visioneer OneTouch driver displays instructions to unlock the scanner.

    Scanner lock message


    After installing the scanner, a message from Scan Manager asks that you verify the scanner has been unlocked, or the Visioneer OneTouch driver displays instructions to unlock the scanner.


    This is a default error code when a scanner is unable to calibrate. The default response by the driver is to ensure the scanning head is not physically locked in place.

    Toggle the shipping lock on the product to ensure it is not engaged. The lock is normally found on the bottom, toward the end with the power supply connection.

    Ensure you are using the power supply that was provided with the scanner. The label should be Bestec or HYI 100-120V AC input, and 12V DC Output, plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a power strip. The power through the strip may be fluctuating and causing the problem.

    Verify you are using the minimum memory required to run the scanner: minimum requirements include 64MB of Ram.

    Download and install the driver provided on the support website.
    Click HERE for the drivers page.