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    Help! What's Bakdor.svr virus?

    Harmful or safe?
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    Do you know for sure that the name of the virus is right, because I can't find it in the database of norton and mcafee. I hope you can give the exact name of the virus. To get the exact name, run a virusscan.
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    Bakdor.svr, hmm I think its a trojan horse.
    Bakdor = back door
    svr = server??
    For more imformation about trojan horse go here
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    Are you sure it is not the


    Virus type: File Infector

    This is a File Infector virus. It is detected by the latest pattern file.


    Trend customers

    Keep your pattern file and scan engine updated. Trend Micro antivirus software can clean or remove most types of viruses. Certain viruses, such as Trojans, scripts, overwriting viruses and joke programs which are identified as "uncleanable", should simply be deleted.

    All Internet users
    For a quick check-up of your PC, use HouseCall - Trend Micro's free online virus scanner. This will check for viruses which may already be on your PC.
    To keep your computer healthy by catching viruses before they have a chance to infect your PC or network, get the best antivirus solution available today. Trend Micro offers antivirus and content security solutions for home users, corporate users and ISPs.

    Go to for more
    Hope this helps
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    Ummm i just forgot the spelling but thanks anyway!

    Virusscan deleted that stupid file!
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    if its a trojan better make sure the antivirus cleaned all the files placed on your machine from the trojan if it was executed...antivirus scanners dont do a good job of completely removing some trojans.

    it might be a zombie file, which really cant be detected by av.
    because of its rouge code.......but that name should say it all..loloolol:eek: