Virus D/L from AVG updates???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Heeter, May 28, 2004.

  1. Heeter

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    Hi Guys,

    This is the second time I got this from an AVG update. Two weeks ago, I uninstalled and reinstalled AVGFree as it froze up really bad. Again today this happened. Would anyone have an idea? My AVG directory is in my D:/ partition. There is more in the directory and in my System32 folder as well, all starting with avg**.*


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  2. electrickpirate

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    thats not good. i use avgfree also, but i havent seen that error msg. i manualy updated yesterday, and i wil right now... nope, updated just fine. cant really help you except to say i havent recieved this error in my avg.

    win xp pro sp1
    AVG free version 6.0.692 release date 9/2/2003
    virus database:453 release date: 5/28/2004
  3. tdinc

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    It's possible that the virus resides in the boot sector of the disk. If this is the case, then it might be possible to remove it by formatting the Master Boot Record, using the command <fdisk /mbr> from the A: prompt on a Windows startup disk. Do not do this however, if the disk is to be formatted with NTFS, or on a SCSI drive.
  4. j79zlr

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    fdsik /mbr works the same for XP/NT or 9x, windows does not use the MBR, it uses NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM, and boot.ini
  5. Heeter

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    So would this be a problem with AVG or an actual virus?

    If it is an actually Virus, I am going to clean the system out and start over again. I do not want to take any chances. None at All. This is on my main File Server at Home.

  6. dreamliner77

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    Sounds like the work of some other sh*tware. Try turning avg off and scanning with trend micro's online scan or panda's (I don't have the link, sorry)
  7. gonaads

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    It sounds like a virus. Have you D/L anything from the net and installed it?

    Try a "system restore" to a couple of days before this incident and see if AVG will run.

    It really sounds like some virus or such is purposely trying to disable yer anti-virus proggy.

    You could also try and D/L a trail version of some other anti-virus proggy, such as Symantec or McAfee and see if it installs correctly and then do a full system scan.

    I use AVG Pro and have never had an error like that. I did once have some site try to disable my AVG. But AVG gave me a warning stating that something was shutting off the proggy and that I should reboot. I did so and it stopped it. There's some wierd shiit out there.