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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Capricorn, Mar 14, 2004.

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    Sorry to say this is only half the story. Whilst browsing, I suddenly had my anti-virus siren go off, warning that I had a virus. At the same time several Popups appeared. As fast as I closed the Popups, others appeared, and as fast as I deleted the virus, I was warned of others. I ran Adaware, and found several items, which I deleted. However, other Popups kept appearing, and my anti-virus kept warning of virus, which I kept deleting.

    I checked in my Add/Remove software, and found 3 entries, which I hadn't installed. On trying to delete them, I found that warnings appeared, saying that they could only be deleted using uninstallers downloaded from the Internet. With Popups still loading, and my anti-virus siren still going off, I decided to switch off, format and re-insall. This of course cured the problem.

    However, I am furious with myself for not making a note of the names of the software that had installed itself, as I would like to learn more about them. Of course they have now been lost. All this happened, despite having up to date anti virus, Adaware and Spyware Blaster installed, and having a hardware firewall with my modem/router. I wish I had made a note of the software that caused the problem, but at least I have learnt to keep an eye on my Add/Remove software, to make sure nothing has installed without me knowing.
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    Add/remove list does not always show all the installed apps/software on your machine. You should always make sure your AV program has the latest updates applied, and scan for virii at least once every week.
    As for the popups, take precaution when clicking on links that refer you to any particular sites of interest. Some sites throw up more popups and no information on what you are searching for.