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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by spudnickle, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. spudnickle

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    I am really trying to find the optimum virtual memory setting for 640mb RDRAM on a P4 1.7ghz sytem with an invidia GeForce 2 with 32mb ram, min and max settings. I can't seem to find any optimization settings for 640mb ram.
    Also is it cool to disable the virtual memory setting as I have read?
  2. xsivforce

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    Rule of thumb. 1 1/2 times the installed ram.
  3. spudnickle

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    That I have

    I was just wondering if anyone heard anything different, I'm always looking for higher tweaks
  4. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Nice setup you have.
  5. spudnickle

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    I just got rid of the HP laptop for a:
    Fujitsu lifebook E
    P3 750
    256 mb ram
    20 gb hd
    14.1 monitor
    rage mobility 16 mb vid card

    Dell is a
    P4 1.7
    640 mb RDRAM
    40 gb 7200 hd
    20 gb 5400 seagate barricuda
    32 meg invidia geforce 2
    sound blaster live

    micron is a
    P3 450
    340 PC100 ram
    40 gb 5400 seagate barricuda
    TNT 770 ultra
    sound blaster

    wireless intel anypoint 1.6

    logitech pc cam
    intel easy cam
    Adelphia cable internet
  6. seeme

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    actually, i would like to disagree on the whole 1.5 times your ram idea. i also have 640 meg ram, and am having problems with system performance. i am constantly having to change my paging file size. well maybe once a week when the system slows down. i have experimented with 1.5 times the ram and found that i ALWAYS had bad performance. now i swap from 256 meg and 640 meg (at minimum and maximum settings, AND on my fastest drive)

    whenever i change the page file size, it fixes my problems for a few days before i have to alter it again.

    this is really irritating, but i have no solution. any ideas anyone?


    (ps. i am really proud of myself, cause i didnt use an smilies in my message!)
    :) DOH/
  7. spudnickle

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    No prob

    I'm always just looking for better, haven't found that perfect mem setting yet, have tried dozens.

  8. Dirk Diggler

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    I don't use the rule "One and a half times the RAM". If I was to use it I would have a Paging File of 1920 megs (a spit short of 2 gigs). Now that would be a silly waste of space. What I would recommend trying is:-
    Let Windows manage your Paging File for a while, hit your system with the hardest, most memory sucking programmes you could ever possibly use, all at the one time. I mean really test the system to the limit.
    Then press "Ctrl" - "Alt" - "Del", click the "Performance" tab, and see what figure is showing in the "PF Usage" box. Whatever figure it shows, add a small amount (lets say 24 ) to it and use that as your minimum.
    To keep the Paging File from fragmenting and thereby slowing it down, both Minumum and Maximum should be the same.
  9. Howling Wolf

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    Could anyone be a little more informative ?

    Yes, about the '1.5 times theory', where does it come from in the first place ? What is M$ position, really ?!!!:mad:
    It seems like everyone is doing his own little cooking thing, no ?
  10. l0g0ut

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    If i'm not mistaken the "one and a half" rule comes from the usual size of swap partition for Linux/Unix.... correct me if i'm wrong...
    I'm pretty sure it is safe and benificial to disable virtual memory altogether if you have 512MB RAM and above...
  11. allan

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  12. seeme

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    safe to disable virtual memory? i have 640 meg of ram, and if i disable VM, my computer wont load most of the programs. its a real shit. and a problem that i think needs addressing.

    windows just doesnt seem to manage memory very well at all. having a page file is absolutely stupid on your harddrive when thats what your ram is for! 64k is not for everyone. i have 640 meg! and windows doesnt know what to do!:confused:
  13. l0g0ut

    l0g0ut OSNN Addict

    i'm just saying it's safe based on my experience.... my system with 1gig of RAM works fine with virtual memory disable... normally i wouldn't attempt it... but i have no other choice since Championship Manager 2002/03 won't start if i have VM enabled.. (it says "Not Enough System Memory").... so what i did is i disable VM.... then use MemTurbo to defrag my RAM everytime it drops below 128 megs...
  14. allan

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    It doesn't make sense to completely disable VM because some programs (Adobe Photoshop most notable among them) simply won't load if they don't detect a paging file. But you can always just create a small paging file as a compromise.
  15. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    mine is not complety disabled since some apps really need it.. like photoshop.. i have 512mb and i leave it @ 64mb hehehe plenty enought since i run xp on my ram also .. and have 300mb left LOL
  16. Fhuising

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    If you got 60 G of hardrive space why not use atleast 1-3 % for the paging file, haveing windows manage the paging file is not a good idea, so you should set it to a min and max value which are the same. That way the paging file doesn't change sizes everytime you open a lot of apps.

    The 1.5 rule could be used, but it all depends on which applications you use and how much time you spent behind your pc.