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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hilander, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. Hilander

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    Is there a reason why the view in Netscape is Different than in IE.
    Example: In Netscape the top bar in not visisble completly and you have to scroll right to get to the member center, wheras in IE in is perfect and no scrolling. In fact in Netscape all the top bars for the individual sections are missing.
    Any Thoughts?
  2. gothic

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    This has been a bone of contention for many years, and I think the root of the problem lies in the fact that MS, a few years ago, didn't really want Windows 9x users to use other browsers, and made life dificult for third party companies to run their software under 9x.

    It all comes down to how the different browsers interpret the HTML code, hence the difference in what you see and how they work.

    There's not a vast amount you can do about it, other than to delve very deeply into the configurations to get the best out of either.

    I used to religiously use Netscape on principal, but since IE5 I have been more than happy to have switched. You will find that by far the majority of web sites support Internet Explorer, therefore it made sense (to me, at least) to use it.

    Out of interest, why DO you want to use Netscape??
  3. Hilander

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    Used to be for the same reason you used to use it-principle.
    Now with all the viruses around, that gives me another reason. Yes I have a firewall, AntiVirus that scans email and have followed all the security checks but I still feel safer. Nothing new is going to sneak in on me.
    Also I think Netscape loads faster, uses plug-ins better and to me it just has a better "feel"
    Ok enough BS-it's really cause my psychitrist says change isn't good for me.:rolleyes:
    I kind of figured that, but this is the only site it happens on. Must be some new code. Not a big deal and I'll probably run into it more and more if I continue to use Netscape.
  4. waddy

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    This site hasnt been made Netscape compatible :(

    Ill try to get around to it in the New Year.......
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    I guess I didn't realize you had to do something extra to make it Netscape compliant.
    Actually if I hadn't opened IE and accessed the site I would have never noticed cause I thought it was my connection Sprint BBD has the habit of stopping befoire everything is loaded.
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    That would be cool, just as long as it doesnt interfere with the rest of the sites functionality. If its too much of a hassle, I probably wouldnt even bother risking the problems. I know from others experiences that trying to make an IE designed site completely compatible with Netscape is a pain in the behind.

    Of course, it *is* your site, so your probably going to do whatever you darned well please...:D :D