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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by RichXPard, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. RichXPard

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    It's about that time and the birthday is coming up. I've had my GEFORCE 2 MX for about a year and a half now and have been very happy with it. But it's 2002 and you can buy really nice video cards for a really good price. I've been pricing them over the net and reading reviews and it's come down to 2.


    I've heard the ATI RADEON 8500 is a really good video card. But I might want to stay in the Nvidia family and go with Geforce3 TI-200. I'd really like the TI-500 or the All in Wonder 8500, but I don't think I can get apporval from the wife :)

    So let me know your views...
  2. max

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    I would grab the GeForce 4 sure man ....

    NVidia chipsets rock ...............

    If you wait till the GeForce 4 to be released in the next 4 weeks or so..... you will pick up a Geforce 3 for about $100 cheaper

  3. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    No point in me upgrading my vid card until I upgrade my cpu, which won't be any time soon.
  4. UniSol

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    Get a ASUS Geforce3 Ti500 or MORPHEUS Geforce Ti500. You dont want them go for the GeForce2 Ti200 which is better than the Geforce3 Ti200 for some reason. :cool:
  5. Electronic Punk

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    nVidia all the way baby!

    (If anyone at nVidia sees this, you can send me a card and I will recommend nVidia for 2 years!!!)
  6. zman

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    if only i could afford one :(

    i have entered that competiton here on the front page about ten times , i hope i win one......

    Let the GeForce be with you
  7. allmightyvic

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    B4 i answer ya poll, u should attach a pic of ya wife.. so we can decide whether she is worth saving money for
  8. X-Istence

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    Yeah upload a picture of your wife. That way we can see if she is worth saving for. If not i definetly sya that you should stay with the geforce 3.
  9. Highwind7777

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    Radeon 8500 so much cheaper

    I just noticed this....Radeon 8500 is a LOT cheaper than Geforce 3 ti500 AND(according to worldwide 3dmark scores)it is's cheapest Raedeon 8500 is 166 USD and G3ti500 is 269 USD...big diff there....
  10. RichXPard

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    Just wanted to update all....
    I ended up going with the ASUS V8200T2 Geforce 3 TI-200 pure. I saw the deluxe, but I knew I wouldn't use all the other gadgets.(video out, tv-out, 3d-glasses etc) the only thing I really want for overclocking was the heat sinks on the memory. So I went out and spent the extra 9 bucks for heat sinks and installed them myself. I'm currently running the card at 215/485 and it's running great!!! Thank-you all for your comments..

    P.S.-- E.P.- the nvidia drivers run great, no lock up problems what so ever...:D