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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Mutal1sk, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Mutal1sk

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    my computer has been running fine lately, well apart from one thing. my video files, when opened, show like a frame of video then they go black and stay blank/blank. strangely winamp 2.91 opens them and runs them fine. im using the lastest version of the kazaa codec pack and i uninstalled my old version which had the same problem. any ideas on what i can do? (new codecs/how to uninstall all codecs on win2k etc)

  2. Bootsy

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    well, if they are divx video files you might want to install divx.
    I've downloaded movies before and knw that some of them also need the xvid codec (search for it on google)
  3. Petros

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    So Winamp works-- what video player are you using that only plays the first frame or so? It sounds like the problem is more with the player than the codecs.

    Have you tried other players like bsplayer or Windows Media Player Classic?
  4. Mutal1sk

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    i am using windows media player 9, and media player classic, both have this problem. divx player from the latest codec pack works fine with the avis etc it can play, even avi preview, a previewing tool that comes with kazaa lite has problems...
  5. Marshal

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    Had similar problem, Mediaplayer9 will not play the movie, but winamp3 does.
    Installed DivX_Total_Pack1.5, nope winamp OK, mediaplayer not ok.
    Watched the film in winamp (EP1).
    Next day, start film (EP2) in winamp, why are all the faces blue in winamp??
    tested mediaplayer, oh ho, it works. Hate this.
    Installed Total on laptop, even restarted, but no.

    So, does anyone have a codec pack that really works, 100%?

    Also, fuc**d up my job computer with Spybot (which is a fine program), now I can't play streamed video anymore. any idea?
    ( quicktime works fine though)