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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by bloker, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. bloker

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    im trying to over clock my Nvidia GTS as per the speed tweak i have got the registry looking like the the one in the screen shot,but i can find the additional button on my video card anywhere to overclock it.... anyone tell me where it is or how to go from here please thanks bloker
  2. xsk8zerox

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    right click on your desktop go to properties then to go settings>advanced>your video card>additional properties>clock clock frequencies
  3. bloker

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    nvidia gts

    thanks for your reply at least i seem to be doing it right....clicked on properties but there is no additional facility there just asks me if i want to unistall the driver etc there is no additional button there.........and more ideas please.... thanks bloker
  4. bloker

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    hi catch
    thanks for the reply is my card not supported by this one then its a gts....its shown in the registry but does not give me any other options
  5. Bootsy

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    go to and download the geforce utility, it will let you overclock and other stuff too
  6. stuy_b

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    Are you using the cards manufacturers drivers or the generic ones from nvidia's website?

    If your using the manufacturers drivers.. then the tweak utils like GTU & NVmax WILL NOT recognise your card, they only work with the generic drivers.

    Did you run the coolbits reg hack.. (from utils&overclocking download page). If you have that you dont realy need the above said utilities, coolbits adds a tab to the control panel for overclocking the core and memory and also lets you set the V-sync in D3D, which is normally hidden.
  7. bloker

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    stuy_B Hi
    thanks for your reply yes i did download the coolbits thing and i have double clicked it etc etc.....

    But i dont appear to be able to find the tab etc .....
    or if indeed there is even one there..........where is it ? i dont seem to be able to find it the registry looks like the one in the picture but no tab. bloker