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    ok so here is the problem when i play any kind of video for a long amount of time my computer freezes up and i have to restart now i reinstalled windows and
    it still did not work generally this is caused when i play a .avi or a rmvb file
    and sometimes it will do that when i play a dvd also i have tried reinstalling the drivers to my graffics card and it still does not work i am thinking it may be a memory problem or a a a bug in windows can anyone help??

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    System lock ups can be anything, hardware or software. The reinstall pretty much rules out creeping software bugs.

    Check the windows fault log. There may be something in it, or maybe not with a lockup.

    There is an old XP bug with handling AVI files over 1 gig in length. Have not heard anything about rmvb problems.

    If you suspect the memory, download and run memtest.exe. It will find a bug or clear the ram as a culprit.

    For that matter download sisoft sandra lite and run the various burn in modules for a while. Monitor system temperatures while it is running to watch for over heats. PS Get some "canned air" and blow out your heat sinks if you don't do it regularly. Winter is dust bunny time. And make sure the heater is not blowing on your PC. I had a friend fry a system that way.

    If you are overclocking, stop! Restore defaults to verify system stability.

    I wish I could be more specific but stability issues are hard to isolate. I chased one for 3 months once until I accidentally found it when upgrading my sound card. The old one had gotten flaky and crashed the system daily.
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    how do i find the windows falt logg
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    Start > run > eventvwr.msc