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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Homerbalooza, Dec 13, 2003.

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    My computer harddrive just crahsed and i just bought a new one and installed t. So now i installed my dsl and stuff but it seems my video card driver needs to be updated or something cause i can only have 16 bit colors and 640 & 480 resolution. I have a Plug and playmonitor on standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA), i have a Compaq presario 500. If you can give e the drives i need to get and also the drivers i need for open Gl i will really REALLY appreciate it.

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    Did you try your computer manufacturers site?
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    Ugh, Compaq. Your hosed, its all proprietary stuff.

    You need to find the computer on their web page, sign in for tech support with model# etc. Then you should be able to download the drivers. Or there should be a repair CD that came with the computer.

    You will need the chipset drivers (ide, USB, etc) and the video adapter drivers.

    You might get the drivers off the Microsfot Update Site if you're lucky. If it's possible what you need will be auto detected.
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    I thought all those rigs came with their drivers on a cd. If not do as was stated, you need to goto their site. :)
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    i meant to say i have a compaq presario 5000.

    I'm kind of a computer noob so i dont know n e thing about computers. I just want to get this problem fixed and if someone can just sed me a link ot where i need to go what i need to dl that will be great. Thx!
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    that didnt seem to work. It said it was installing then like 3 secs later it asked to reboot my comp then nothing happend?