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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by mike09, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. mike09

    mike09 Moderator

    Washingtonville , New York
    can anyone point me toward a site(s) that has the best price for a

    Albatron GeForce4 Ti4200P Turbo

    thanks in advance.

    P.S. anyone have this card and have reviews for it would be great to.
  2. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    Do a google Search for Hardware Price Search and you should turn something up.

    I only know of the UK price searchers which are decent.

    US Retailers though, urmm maybe something like eBuyer if you have that over there.
  3. Ace123

    Ace123 Guest

    Ace123's store can get you one for cheap haha
  4. Ace123

    Ace123 Guest

    the card your referring to is called the albatron ti4280p with tv and dvi out with agp 8x. Goes for about 170 american
  5. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    how do you know he was referring to the Ti42870p? I have the Ti4200P Turbo sitting here in my PC and after the reviews I've read and the test I've carried out I would suggest buying this card over the Ti4280. Don't know of any Ametrican Retailers, sorry but its definately a good choise, possibly the best Ti4200 out there imho.
  6. shulse

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    Get the Albatron Ti4200P Turbo. I got mine for $180 at I have this card and its pretty darn good. Very happy with it. The 4200P is the 128MB version...if you want the 64MB version, look for the card without the P.