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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by qianamonee, Dec 28, 2002.

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    I'm having a problem. I can't figure out how to disable my on-board video adapter. so when I place my video card into the pci slot, i can see bios and the windows xp professional logo, but when it starts to load the desktop, the screen is black. also, the only way i'm able to use my on-board video adapter is to remove the new video card from the pci slot.
    it wasn't so much of a problem, because i've been able to use the newer video card before. but that was before I had to reformat. But now I really need to be able to use it because recently my screen has started to compress itself to half the monitor's size. does anyone have any suggestions?
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    You should be able to disable the onboard in your bios. Go into your bios and look around. I don't have onboard so I can't tell you exactly what to look for but, it should explain itself once you are there.
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    i've tried that. all im able to find is video bios cacheable--if disable it, that doesn't seem to do the trick. i also found on-chip video size, which was set to 64mb, that doesn't seem to do anything if I disable it.
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    i was able to resolve my issue. at bios, i pressed F8 to go into xp post messages. there I enabled vga. I found out the reason why my screen was black was because my settings were too high. I had to let my computer auto configure my screen settings for me.