Video Card Problems (Nvidia Drivers)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nick718, Jan 31, 2003.

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    I had a Geforce 3 in this computer for the past few months. Everything was well until one day I noticed the Additional Properties button in Settigns was disabled, or grayed out. That card ended up breaking down, so i put in an old TNT 2 card temporarily, I still have it in now. The button is still faded out. I've updated drivers several times and currently am running the most recent drivers from nVidia. How can I fix this? Someone must know.
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    (i think) the drivers are seeing the card as a geforce3 and not accecpting it. so go to add/remove and remove that application, then go to device manager and remove the GeForce TNT and 3. then restart and reinstall them. it should work. any reason that the 3 failed?
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    Well... I still had this problem before the 3 ever failed, so I dont know if thats it, but I will try that. The 3 failed because for some reason the fan came lose and I suspect it overheated.