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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by seperatist, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. seperatist

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    what do you all recomend for a newer video card at under $150? i currently have the Radeon 32DDR and i want something newer. any advice?

  2. albybum

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    If you wait a liitle while until Nvidia releases the GeForce FX, the GeForce 4 prices will fall again and you should be able to find a nice GeForce 4 ti 4600 in your price range... You could always go with Ati 9500 but IMO they are way too overpriced and their drivers are horrid.
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    I guess it depends on your needs, but I got a MadDog G4 Prowler MX 420+ 64Meg DDR (my board doesn't even support the DDR, but I am preparing for an upgrade) card for $79 on sale, it was $99 regular, the 128 meg was $149 if I recall correctly. I have experienced no problems at all with any games I play (thps3, nhl2003, madden2003, hitman 2, BF1942) and I run everything at max.

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-7IXE
    Chip: AMD Athalon K7 750mhz
    Ram: 512 PC-100 SDRam
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    :D your board doesn't have to support DDR for the video card to run it. also the geforce 4 MX's are complete CACA u can spend 30 more bucks and get a geforce 3 with VERTEX and PIXEL shaders only thing a geforce 4 mx is is a supped up geforce 2.

    everything maxed is a pretty relative word when it comes to pc's your max can be no where near his max he could have a 21 inch monitor and I know u can run bf1942 MAXED at 1600x1200 with a frame rate above 3 with only 750mhz and a geforce 4(2) mx

    *note* this is NOT a flame I was trying to point out that your setup might not be able to handle what he wants his to be able to play. also that age old saying "You get what u pay for."
  5. Sazar

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    you should probably be able to find a radeon 9500pro for around the price range you are looking for... the product is fully dx9 compliant and its real strength lies in its image quality and its ability to run games with AA and FSAA turned on with a good, playable frame rate...

    ATi produce the card to directly compete with the gf4 ti 4200 and it actually competes extremely well with the gf4 ti 4600...

    a review for you...

    btw ati does not have horrid drivers...

    they may not have had the best support 2 years ago but they have a new driver team and release drivers on a frequent basis... their WHQL released drivers are on a more frequent time schedule than any of their competitors...

    to find out if the card is future proof you need no further evidence than comparing the scores of the 9500pro with other cards in 3dmark03 :)

    do not buy the 9500 NON-pro unless you are planning to mod it (risky) to 9700 NON-pro specs... by itself the card is designed to compete with the gf4mx series... and while being better and faster and dx9 compliant... it does not have the raw power of the 9500 PRO :)

    if you cannot find the card for the price range you are looking @... buy the 4200 series of cards from nvidia... an excellent card still... and while it is not a dx9 card... it should handle most new games in the next year or so pretty well...

    btw... if you can... buy the 128 mb cards... they are better @ high resolutions than 64mb cards since they can store more textures in memory...
  6. seperatist

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    thanks for the help. it is now a toss up between the 9500pro and a ti4200. i will read some reviews and then decide.