VIA KT133A and 4in1 4.37

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mcdruid, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. mcdruid

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    Similar question to my previous post about NVidia drivers..

    My board has a VIA KT133A chipset.. am I likely to get any benefit from updating the 4in1 drivers?

    (I'm using 4.37 now, but will keep an eye on new releases if there's any point in me doing so)

    I've seen a few comments saying that the 4in1's don't really seem to do anything much.




    nothing is guaranteed... but im using the 4.38 and they work great for me
  3. MiseryQ

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    I've never noticed the 4in1 doing anything...

    I install them for the most part... Sometimes I don't...
    The 4n1s for 98 and 2k were buggy but the Xp ones seem not to harm anything...