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    I did see some notes about that but to be clear >


    2nd - WHAT WILL IT DO ?
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    1. Yes, why not, it updates the VIA Drivers in your XP OS.

    2. Drivers should optimize your system.
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    It does help, tho', if you have a board with a VIA chipset to start with.
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    Some Information about VIA Service Pack (VIA 4 In 1)

    VIA 4 In 1 driver includes four system drivers to improve the performance and maintain the stability of systems using VIA chipsets. These four drivers are: VIA Registry (INF) Driver, VIA AGP VxD driver, VIA ATAPI Vendor Support Driver and VIA PCI IRQ Miniport Driver.

    The 4in1 drivers automatically detect your operating system and will install only what is necessary. For your information:

    VIA IDE Bus Master Driver : For Windows NT users, the VIA IDE Bus Mastering driver is the only driver to be installed in your system.

    VIA Registry (INF) Driver will be installed. The driver will enable the VIA Power Management function.

    VIA AGP VxD Driver is to be installed. VIAGART.VXD will provide service routines to your VGA driver and interface directly to hardware, providing fast graphical access.

    The IDE Filter driver enables the performance enhancing bus mastering functions on ATA-capable Hard Disk Drives and ensures IDE device compatibility. (Also known as the ATAPI Vendor Support Driver)

    VIA PCI IRQ Miniport Driver is to be installed under Windows 98 only. It sets the system's PCI IRQ routing sequence.

    Download VIA 4in1

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    thanks for all your answers - I used to have it installed with win98se but didnt bother so far to use it for xp as well .