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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by minuteman, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Yesterday my PC (running XP Pro) couldn't even get to the XP loading screen (prior to the Logon screen - with the blue moving bar). I tried safe mode, last known good config, etc.....ALL boot options and nothing worked. I'd just installed the Radium MP3 codec mentioned on the news at this site on wednesday.

    As a last resort I pulled out my sound card and rebooted....which worked. I then tried putting it back in and rebooting, which worked too. I dismissed this as something weird to forget about.....but now it's done it again and I've had to take the sound card out again to reach windows!

    Has anyone any idea whatsoever why this is happening? I'd just buy a new Sound card - as I intend to soon anyway - but if it's actually a windows or (god I hope not) a motherboard problem then I'd like to know.......


    PS - I have an Abit SA6R motherboard if thats any use...and a pretty old Creative SB64 soundcard.
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    check for the latest drivers on the sound card, and try uninstalling that codec to see if that's the bug
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    extra details.....

    I uninstalled the codec as soon as I got back into windows the first time (incidentally it doesn't appear to work with WMP8), but I will try for the new drivers.

    I'm leaning towards trying it in another PCI slot too.....will update when I do that.