very irritating cd reading prob

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    i have only one optical reading device which is a samsung 40x10x40 cdrw model SW-240B. everytime i insert a cd (either legal or burnt) it doesnt read it. its inserted and all but when i double click the cd icon in my computer it tells me to insert a cd in the drive. then, i open the cdrw, close it again with the cd still in it and it reads it. whats up with that? loose ide cable maybe? software prob??

    thx, Apu
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    Try this>
    Test Disc Read with Copy or Xcopy
    Copy and Xcopy are command-line utilities that typically uncover a disc-reading issue. If Copy and Xcopy complete successfully, the issue is unlikely to be a problem with reading the disc. A failure to copy may indicate drive problems or system problems; in that case, do more troubleshooting.

    To use Copy and Xcopy to test disc-reading, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. In the Open dialog box, type cmd, and then press ENTER.
    3. At the command prompt, type one of the following commands: To copy a folder:

    copy <I>discdrive</I>:\<I>foldername</I> <I>drive</I>:\psstest /V

    To copy the whole disk:

    xcopy <I>discdrive</I>:\*.* <I>drive</I>:\psstest /V /E

    NOTE: discdrive is the drive letter of the CD-ROM or DVD drive, foldername is the name of the folder containing files that you have to have to access on the disk, and drive is the letter of your system hard disk.

    4. Press ENTER.
    5. If you are prompted with the question whether psstest specifies a file name or directory name, press F.
    6. If you are prompted to overwrite, press A.

    NOTE: When you use /V with Copy or Xcopy, the copied files are verified. This takes longer but it makes sure that the files were copied correctly.

    Got the info from over;en-us;Q321641]here.
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    dirty lens. need to clean the cd drive. you may try a cd rom cleaner.
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    No, no, no! Don't use a CD cleaner kit! Ever!
    It's amazing they still sell that sh*t. They are good at wrecking CD-readers, that's for sure. Some may work, but I'd rather see you used something else.

    Have you checked the cable? That could be it. Could also be that the drive is broken or that the lens is dirty of course. But if you want to clean the lens, use compressed air.