Very important !! Any solution or patch to this security problem ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kahaarshen, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. kahaarshen

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    Hi everybody
    I m not english so please excuse my bad english
    i ve found a site which can close your XP only by viewing it
    So for a OS which should be ultra-securized i m disappointed
    the URL is :


    If anybody know where i can find a patch or another solution to fix this problem please give me the url

    Thanx a lot ( i hope you understood me :D )
  2. DrX

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    Just go into Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Choose Custom Level (internet) > Scroll down to Scripting > Active Scripting and set it to PROMPT

    Now any site you visit which is running a javascript or anyother script it will Prompt you. Which is a Pain

    So for site you know and trust like this one do this :

    go into Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Choose Trusted Sites > Then Custom Level > then click Sites tab and add then you wont get the prompt each time you visit