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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by bastupungen, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. bastupungen

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    I play the Counterstrike quite much and i have some problems with the FPS... acctually their not big but i would still like to get to the bottom of this...
    the thing is that if i have vertical sync ON then the FPS stops at 60 FPS... but the computer i have can handle more.. much more...
    so i turned off vertical sync and the FPS jump up to 99... ran more smoothly and it was great to play. exept... that my mouse started to give me some problems. The mouse will sometimes stick or not respond at all.. this will happen quite frequent and last for like almost 1 sec... it maybe that the keyboard also stop not sure though hard to notice...
    so whats the deal here? what can be done? ever heard of this problem before, i haven't...

    P4 2,4Ghz 533Mhz bus
    Geforce 4
    512 ram
    terratec soundcard
  2. LocKStocK

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    hmmm....sounds like a refrsh rate problem.
    Go to and download a tool called Rivatuner.
    Then use that to unlock your refresh rates.
  3. Yharn

    Yharn meh.

    Indiana, USA
    or search for Refresh Force its a refresh rate fixing tool that may be a little easier to use than Riva Tuner.
  4. bastupungen

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    ok you guy... that just blew the problem sky high! thanks alot...
    im running at 100/99 FPS now and have no problems what so ever...
  5. bastupungen

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    Ok... I still need some more help here... Counterstrike running very good now... like i said 100 FPS... when i started playing today the problem with the controls reappeard(spelling?) but if i went back to the connect menu and pressed resume, going back to the game, the mouse and keyboard problems wasnt there anymore... ???...
    so i Quit CS and started it again and connected and the samething happend, mouse started skipping and generally the controlls very just crazy. so i quit to the menu and resumed, problems GONE. anyone know? its just a small thing but if someone heard of it before or have any ideas...
  6. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    try 85 hz out of intrest

    and you have reinstalled a virgin copy, then updated in order and tried again, without any mods etc to see if that cures it.
  7. _DM_

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    why do i get some lines when i turn off v sync and i dont get any lines when i turn v sync on? why is this and how do i solve this problem?
  8. toxicity

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    Well, personally my games run better with it off, i only have a GeForce 2. You just found out what v sync does by accident, heh.
    If you get good performance with it on, then let it be. But if you get poor performance, turn it off.